4 New Ideas for Outdoor Workout

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4 New Ideas for Outdoor WorkoutThe weather nowadays is getting warmer every year and the idea of exercising inside a stuffy gym may sound unappealing already especially when the call of the outdoors is strong. And since warmer weather means showing off more skin as people head to the beach, achieving that toned physique is becoming everyone’s goal.

But if you are not going to exercise in your local gym, how can you achieve that beach-ready body?

The good news is that you can transform the outdoors into your personal exercise area where you can get to tone and strengthen your muscles. To help you get started, here are 4 outdoor workout ideas that you can do to achieve that summer ready body.

  1. Outdoor Cardio Meltdown. Do you want to torch those fats fast? Here is a cardio workout that will really test your muscles’ might. Start with 10 long jumps where you can use the length of your mat as measurement. Follow this up with 10 pushups and 15 sumo squats. For sumo squats, your feet should be wider than your hips with toes slightly pointing outwards. Do 20 bicycle crunches and last 20 mountain climbers.
  2. Court HIIT. If you have easy access to a basketball or volleyball court then this workout is the perfect one for you. This high intensity interval training will definitely make you work up a sweat not to mention burn a lot of calories in no time. Start by sprinting from one end of the court then jogging back. Do 30 lateral hops from one end to the court to the other end. And finally, do side shuffles throughout the length of the court. Repeat this 6 times.
  3. Stand-up Paddleboarding. As the name suggests, this exercise requires you to stand up in a long board and paddle your way across calm waters. You might think that this workout is easy but you might be surprised how tough it can be especially in your core. Your entire body gets worked out when you do this exercise because your arms will do the paddling while your legs and your core help keep your balance across the waters.
  4. Rowing or Sailing. Another outdoor workout that you are sure to enjoy is either sailing or rowing. When you sail, you are doing a full body workout where you get to improve on coordination, balance, and upper body strength. Rowing, on the other hand, will torch your leg and core muscles much better compared to any gym equipment. Plus being outdoors can definitely lift your mood as you sweat it out.
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Why restrict yourself to the confines of the gym when you can workout outdoors? These fun and challenging workouts will help you boost your metabolism while at the same time tone and strengthen your muscles just in time for the summer season. For sure, you will be more excited to get fit and healthy now that you can make your outdoors your personal gym.

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