10 Smartphone Apps Recommended for Health-Conscious People

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10 Smartphone Apps Recommended for Health-Conscious PeopleThe nicest thing about today’s smartphones is they’re really smart enough to do so many other things than just making and receiving calls and text messages. These days, you can do just about anything with a smartphone — internet surfing, banking, shopping, gaming and so much more. It may also be used to keep track of your health and fitness!

Simply by installing the right apps, you can turn your smartphone into a useful tool for the attainment of optimum health and becoming fit. The following are 10 of the apps that you might want to have on your smartphone:

  1. Water Intake Reminder

Keeping yourself hydrated is as easy as guzzling down 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. However, having a busy everyday schedule may keep you from doing so. A water intake reminder app prompts you to drink a glass of water at specified periods of time.

  1. Healthy Recipes

Access to some of the healthiest and most scrumptious recipes on the planet is always a tap away. With this app on your smartphone, it’s easy to whip up treats that are good for your health.

  1. Food Guide

Suffering from certain food allergies? Allow a food guide app to save you from flare ups. Whether it is gluten or dairy you’re allergic to, you will find it easier to make smart food choices with this kind of app installed on your smartphone. If you’re unsure of the product you are about to place in your shopping cart or in your mouth, you may count on this app.

  1. Healthy Meal Finder

If you have no choice but to eat outside the home, using a healthy meal finder allows you to discover nearby restaurants offering your kind of treats. The app determines your location and searches some of the closest restaurants whose offerings suit your particular health and fitness needs.

  1. Pedometer
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With this app on your smartphone, there is no need for you to always bring a traditional pedometer with you. One of the simplest exercises on the planet is walking. Thanks to this app, you may turn your smartphone into a tool that counts up all the steps you have taken.

  1. Exercise Guide

Getting a gym subscription or hiring a personal trainer becomes obsolete with this app. An exercise guide allows you to know some of the best routines for flattening your abs, shrinking your thighs, strengthening your upper body and so much more.

  1. Running/Biking Log

Whether it’s running or biking that you love, this app allows you to keep track of your daily routine or progress. Most apps of such kind allow you to count distance traveled, compute your average speed, monitor your caloric expenditure and many more.

  1. Heart Rate Monitor

This app works by having your finger placed on the lens of your smartphone’s camera. It comes in very handy if you wish to determine whether you’re in your target heart rate zone while working out, or to find out your resting heart rate upon waking up in the morning.

  1. Calorie Counter

Just like what the name of the app says, it allows you to count all the calories you have consumed or burned — or sometimes both.

  1. Poop Log

Experts say that your poop is one of the many indicators of your health. That is why keeping a poop log on your smartphone is a smart idea. Usually, it allows you to record important matters such as the poop frequency and even the appearance.

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