Meyer Lemons vs Regular Lemons: Know Their Differences

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Lemons are probably one of the most used fresh flavoring ingredients when cooking. It can be use in every cooking method from making sauces, baking and cooking meats or vegetables.

This is because lemons can enhance the tangy and citrusy flavor of a dish, making them as catalysts for flavor. What does this means? This means that lemons can interact with your taste buds and affect the succeeding flavors that person tastes, which make it more stronger or enhanced.

Regular lemons such as the Lisbon and Eureka lemons are the most commonly used, but there is also another classification for this citrus fruit, called the Meyer lemons.

So what is the difference between the Meyer lemons and regular lemons? Let’s find out below.

Meyer Lemons vs Regular Lemons: Know Their Differences

Regular Lemon

Regular lemons are usually referred to as the Lisbon and Eureka lemons. These are the two most known lemon varieties.

Regular lemons know no season, while there are certain times of year that its trees will bear more fruits. Lemons are readily available in the produce section all year long.

Physical Appearance
Regular lemons are noticeably larger in size with bright, textured, sunny thick skin and medium yellow pulp.

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Regular lemons are highly acidic. It is moderately sweet, but is known for a tang that can make your mouth pucker.

Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are introduced in the early 20th century by Frank Meyer, where its name also originated. This is thought to be a cross between a Mandarin orange and a regular lemon.

Compared to regular lemons which are available all year long, Meyer lemons are more seasonal. It is in season from May to December.

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Physical Appearance
Meyer lemons are smaller and more sphere-like shape than regular lemons. It has a thin, smoother, deep yellow to orange skin, with dark yellow pulp.

Meyer lemons are moderately acidic, but it does not have the same tang as regular lemons. It is much sweeter than regular lemons.

Some people are adding the raw segments into their desserts and salads. Its rinds also have a more complex scent, compared to those of a regular lemon. It has a spicy bergamot fragrance, that tastes similar to that of a spice or herb.

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