List of Foods Packed with Calories

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List of Foods Packed with Calories

Whether you are trying to drop excess pounds or attempting to gain some weight, it’s important to be familiar with foods that contain high amounts of calories. This allows you to know which ones you should consume significantly less if you are trying to slim down or more if you wish to pack on extra poundage. The following is a quick list of foods that are loaded with calories:


List of Foods Packed with CaloriesAnimal and vegetable oils are all high in calories. The only difference is most vegetable oils contain the good types of fat which is beneficial for the health. A tablespoon of oil contains a little over 100 calories.

Nuts and Seeds

List of Foods Packed with CaloriesAlso packing a lot of calories are nuts and seeds. Many of them yield close to 200 calories per 26-gram serving. The good thing about these calorie-dense foods is they are also excellent sources of protein and healthy fats.

Dark Chocolate

List of Foods Packed with CaloriesThis decadent treat is something you should have more of or avoid, depending on your goal. That’s because a bar (101 grams) of dark chocolate containing 70% to 80% cacao packs 604 calories.

Dried Fruits

List of Foods Packed with CaloriesDried or not, the amount of calories in a particular fruit remains the same. However, it’s not unlikely for you to consume more calories when eating dried fruits because of their size. Plus, they’re already devoid of water that fills you up. Certain dried fruits simply contain more calories than the rest, such as cherries, blueberries, pears and apricots.


List of Foods Packed with CaloriesOf all the fruits on the planet, avocados are some of those that are notorious for packing a lot of calories. For instance, a 150-gram serving of cubed avocado yields as much as 240 calories.

Whole Grains

List of Foods Packed with CaloriesNo matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain a few extra pounds, whole grains are good for you. They are loaded with fiber and many other health-giving nutrients. They also contain sufficient amounts of calories. For example, a 100-gram serving of whole wheat pasta contains 124 calories, while brown rice in the same amount packs 218 calories.

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List of Foods Packed with CaloriesLoaded with protein and calcium, a cup of whole milk has 149 calories. On the other hand, 1/4 cup of powdered milk yields 159 calories. If your goal is to lose weight but would like to benefit from the loads of nutrients in milk, it’s a good idea to opt for low-fat or skimmed milk to help reduce your caloric and saturated fat intake.

Dairy Products

List of Foods Packed with CaloriesAs expected, dairy products are loaded with calories. To give you an example, a 28-gram serving of cheese usually has around 100 calories. A small container of Greek yogurt contains a little less than a hundred calories.


List of Foods Packed with CaloriesA large piece of boiled egg contains 78 calories. What’s so nice about an egg is it also supplies your body with potassium, calcium, protein and vitamins A, B6, B12 and D. If you wish to reduce your consumption of saturated fats, ditch the yolk.

Oily Fish

List of Foods Packed with CaloriesThe way they’re called pretty much says that they are in fact loaded with calories. For example, cooked herring contains 213 calories per 85 grams while cooked salmon in the same amount yields 175 calories. The great thing about oily fish is they supply the body with protein and help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.


List of Foods Packed with CaloriesAn 85-gram serving of beef brisket contains 304 calories. Ground pork, in the same amount, packs 286 calories. To help lower your consumption of saturated fat, opt for lean beef and pork cuts. You may also go for chicken or turkey breast without the skin.

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