Lifting During Pregnancy? Beneficial NOT Scary

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Lifting During Pregnancy? Beneficial NOT ScaryAny exercise or physical feat can be wholly and safely mastered with gradual practice and knowing when to pump it up or take it down.  The same applies to menstruating women and pregnant one as well.  The reason why most women whom have complications with birth besides stress is due to poor health from a malnourished diet and/or lack of exercise or exercising improperly.

Weight lifting is for everyone and every body type.  Lifting weights won’t render you overly large muscles unless you take steroids which is bad, take protein supplements or have a very high protein diet with strenuous lifting.

Toning can also refer using your body weight not just bars and free weights.  Though additional light weights is good for everybody.  Starting out with basic yoga stretches that gradually progress to squat variations, short burst cardio variations or high intensity interval training (HIIT), plank variations and yes more difficult yoga poses if you want to go there.

Regular exercise should strengthen muscles and immunity and make everyday life including sick days, moody days and even very pregnant days not unnecessarily difficult to deal with.

The best way to prevent complications in pregnancy is avoiding complications all the way through.  Being habitually healthy to begin with is the true investment, health is wealth and prevention is always better than the cure.

Here are the good effects of regular exercise with some lifting included for when you got a bun in the oven that just gets bigger and bigger:

Keep in mind that this is a challenging and tiring experience for your body til the recovery after birth.  You will need more of your strength more than ever.  Exercise is great for the mental health when not forced, properly paced and combined with fun.  This builds discipline, confidence and muscle memory.  The healthier you are and the stronger the muscles the least painful the birth could possibly be.  It will be easier to move about and carry the groceries even with a bump, pregnant women are not meant to be weak, fatigued at times more than the usual is normal but pregnancies are not meant to be too fragile.

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Pregnancy is weight lifting in itself so a healthy muscular system will do your term wonders.  Not to mention the confidence boost you will gain, strengthening your mind, increasing your pain tolerance, training your brain to regulate adrenaline more efficiently even will all contribute to a braver momma, an easier birth.  Getting your body already strong before pregnancy yields the best results and effectively lengthens stamina and endurance.

A healthful physical activity done at least 3 or 4 times a week tends to make people also crave healthy food.  A nutritious diet consisting of whole, unprocessed foods perfectly fuels one’s body for exercise, junk foods and imbalanced diets will just prove otherwise.  Get as much of your essential nutrients as you can, vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats and sunshine.

Exercise spikes up endorphins or feel good hormones naturally.  Feeling good is not just all in your head, it affects your whole person.  Choosing to feel good over feeling bad is free yet is the simplest and most effective answer to depression and looking better.  Imagine that a well-balanced diet combined with physical activity will make your endorphin production regular and abundant, increasing a lot more natural feel good moments or days.  A strong body needs a stronger mind and a stronger mind is a happier one.

Life is already hard, but if you can make it easier for your long term self why not?  Start now even if you are uncertain on having children or plan many years from now.  Strive to be healthy all the time.  Lift weights, do dance aerobics, sip on lemon cucumber water, walk your walkable pet if you have one, and do not be sedentary to prevent your body from getting rusty, weak.  Invest in your health and your periods, pregnancies, post-partum, menopause and old age won’t be medically tough to handle.

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