How to Use This Natural Remedy for Cuts and Scrapes

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Did you know that using honey is a great way to speed up wound healing? As per some findings, honey is more effective than antibiotics.

How to Use This Natural Remedy for Cuts and Scrapes
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How Honey Works?

Honey has been found to kill most of bacterial cells and can even prevent infections from occurring. Make sure you use raw honey to dress your wound.

When honey gets diluted with the tissues and blood of the wound, hydrogen peroxide is produced thru a glucose oxidase enzyme reaction. This is released slowly and provides anti-bacterial activity, while keeping your tissue healthy and undamaged.

How to Use Honey?

Just apply it on your wound and bandage it up. Make sure to rinse any cut or scraped area well with water. Also, make sure to remove any dirt or any other debris. Change the bandage at least every 4-6 hours until healed.

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