How to Eat Better and Healthier in 5 Simple Steps

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There are 5 simple and easier ways to eat better and be healthy. You can start with the steps below and try out a new way of thinking about food.

How to Eat Better and Healthier in 5 Simple Steps

1. Keep a Food Journal

Keeping a food journal will help you gain a better understanding of when and how you are eating. Also statistics have shown that keeping a journal doubles a person’s weight loss success.

You can use a journal or an application to keep track. Many applications are multi-purpose, which gives you nutritional information, while also letting you track things such as your exercise, blood pressure and sleep.

2. Don’t Get Hungry

You need to to keep your food intake up so that hunger does not push you around. If you learn to minimize your appetite, you can make more thoughtful choices in your eating habits. A good example is, adding protein to every meal or snack, to help reduce cravings.

The key is to find an eating pattern that works well for you. Also the goal is to avoid being in the position of fighting cravings and hunger at the same time because it is a war you will not win.

3. Simplify Things

The best solution to eating healthy is one that has worked for many generations. That is sticking to the basics. You should increase your consumption of whole fresh foods and decrease high-calorie, highly processed foods.

Your menu does not have to be elaborate or gourmet. A simple one will do, local produce, vegetables and fruits, and lean, grilled meats.

4. Size Matters

Size matters a lot when it comes to food. Below are some general guidelines for what 1 “portion size” is:

  • Fruit : Size of a tennis ball
  • Protein (such as tofu or meat like meat or tofu): Size of two palms
  • Starch (like potatoes, noodles, rice and cereal): Size of a fist
  • Vegetable: Size of a fist
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5. Stay Hydrated

Sometimes you often mistake thirst for hunger. Staying hydrated will remove the growl in your tummy and make you less likely to reach for a quick snack.

The best solution is to drink water, because fruit juices and sodas are loaded in calories. Opt for a fruit when choosing between fruit juice or juice. An apple, is 84% water, so you will be hydrated. Added to that is it is full of fiber, which will help you feel full for longer.

You can use the above as guide to be aware of how much you are consuming. It can even be as simple as stopping when you are full. Just always remember, think before you eat.

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