Avoid These 7 Foods If You Have Arthritis

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Living with arthritis can be really hard and painful. But what you eat also is not helping the cause. Here are 7 foods to avoid and foods you should be consuming.

For people that are not diagnosed with arthritis, “research suggests that including anti-inflammatory foods in their diet, and limiting consumption of foods that trigger joint pain”, may help prevent the disease.

Avoid These 7 Foods If You Have Arthritis
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Foods to Avoid With Arthritis:

1. AGE Foods

AGE is an acronym for an advanced glycation end product, which is a toxic by-product resulting from grilled, fried, pasteurized or heated foods.

Certain proteins in your body are “attacked” upon consuming AGE foods. This stimulates an auto-immune response. Cytokines are inflammatory messengers, which are released by your auto-immune system to help in protecting against further damage caused by AGEs and other harmful agents. Cytokines which are directed to areas within or around the joints exacerbates arthritis symptoms by increasing inflammation.

A study in 2009, showed that reducing the amount of foods cooked at high temperatures, could potentially help in reducing blood AGE levels.

2. Certain Vegetables

Certain vegetables are not recommended for people with arthritis. The plant name for these vegetables is caled Solanaceae, and these contain solanine, which is a type of compound that produces adverse physiological reactions in arthritis patients.

Eating vegetables such as peppers, eggplant and tomatoes can worsen arthritis pain.

3. Dairy Products

Dairy products may contribute to arthritis pain because of the type of protein they contain. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, for some individuals, this protein may cause irritatio on the tissue around the joints. Some arthritis pain sufferrers have success switching to a vegan diet, which contains no animal products whatsoever.

Instead of getting protein from dairy and meat, get the bulk of your protein sources from vegetables such as nut butters, spinach, beans, tofu, quinoa and lentils.

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4. Fried and Processed Foods

Researchers from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine examined disease prevention through diet. The study reported that “cutting back on eating fried and processed foods, such as prepared frozen meals and fried meats”, can help in reducing inflammation. This will also restore your body’s natural defenses.

Lessen the amount of fried and processed foods you consume, and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

5. Red Meat

Cuts of red meat contain high levels of saturated fat. These saturated fats can exacerbate inflammation, and contribute to obesity. Also, red meat contains omega-6 fatty acids, and these can contribute to inflammation, if your intake is too high.

Some individuals with RA have reported some improvement in their symptoms, when they rid their diet of red meat. But, lean cuts of red meat may provide important nutrients and protein for persons with rheumatoid arthritis, without causing additional inflammation.

6. Salt and Preservatives

Many foods that are produced today include excessive amounts of preservatives and salt. Salt makes some foods more palatable, while preservatives artificially extends a product’s shelf life.

Regardless, too much salt and preservatives consumption, may produce inflammation within the joints.

Prepared foods, which includes the frozen and microwavable varieties, are most often filled with preservatives, salt and additives.

7. Sugar

Foods that contain refined sugar including chocolate, pastries, soda, candy and even fruit juices, which trigger the release of proteins in the body known ascytokines. This protein causes inflammation.

Sugar is labeled many ways in many food items. Added to sugar, look out for fructose, corn syrup, maltose, or sucrose in the ingredient list.

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