6 Best Exercises To Try If You Have Asthma

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Exercise is very important for people with asthma. It help strengthens your lung muscles, therefore improving lung function and strengthens your heart, making you less winded with exertion. In time, the more you exercise, your lungs and heart will be more tolerant to the effects of exertion.

The benefits of regular physical activity or exercise, such as improved cardiovascular function and quality of life, are possible for people with asthma.

Although it is tough sometimes for people with asthma to exercise. Some of them have experienced exercise- induced asthma (EIA). Below are the best exercises to try if you have asthma.

6 Best Exercises To Try If You Have Asthma

Best Exercises To Try If You Have Asthma:

1. Swimming

Swimming is considered to be one of the best exercises for asthma because it helps build up the muscles used for breathing. It is an ideal sport for asthma because you are breathing in air, that is warm and highly humidified.

2. Yoga

Yoga is also another activity that is good for people with asthma. This is because breathing exercises, can help activate more areas of the lungs.

Studies have proven that people who practiced Hatha yoga, for at least two-and-a-half hours per week, for 10 weeks, were able to reduce their asthma medication.

3. Walking

Studies have shown that people who walked 3 times a week for the duration of 12 weeks, improved asthma control and their fitness levels without starting an attack.

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Half an hour of walking with 5 minutes of warm-up and another 5 minutes of cool-down were done. This is what is you may call a “moderate-to-brisk” walking.

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4. Martial Arts

Martial arts ais generally done indoors, and it involces short movements, that gets you in good shape, helps in building muscle tone and helps develop a sound mind and body.

5. Golfing

Golfing is not only good for the mind, but it is not likely to trigger an asthma attack. It involves staggered, alternating swings and walking on to the next tee.

Just remember that, since golf is played outside, you have to take into account the pollen factor. If you have an allergic component to asthma and the pollen counts are high, just stay inside.

6. Team Sports

Included in this are activities such as football, baseball or volleyball. Running is only needed while the ball is in play and yet you can still get a good workout.

No activity has to be off-limits just because you have asthma, but some sports are more likely to trigger asthma symptoms. These include cold weather sports, like cross-country skiing, and ice hockey, and endurance sports, like soccer or long-distance running.

Before Starting an Exercise Routine

Consult with your doctor on how to get started on an exercise routine. This is important, most especially if you have asthma symptoms that flare up when you work out. The doctor can give you advice on what exercise is best for you and how to workout safely.

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