5 Ways to Quiet Down Your Busy Mind

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5 Ways to Quiet Down Your Busy MindMost people know that they need to get plenty of sleep and even breathe in fresh air by enjoying the outdoors but what with their busy schedule not to mention constant attention they give to their devices, they just can’t find the time to quiet the mind that has been running with hundred different ideas at the same time. Yes, they’ve been advised to go off the grid but it’s not really that simple for others.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to turn your busy mind down a notch without having to hibernate, so to speak. Here are five ways that you can try out.

  1. Focus on one thing. There are times when the thoughts in your mind are racing each other that you feel overwhelmed by them hence you feel distracted when it comes to your chores. A study showed that those who are doing a challenging task have a quieter mind than those who are doing easy chores. So the next time that your mind is on overdrive, focus on a challenging task. You’ll find that your mind quiets down in order to prepare for the task ahead.
  2. Avoid spending more than 6 hours on your own. It’s not surprising that many people are turning to homebased jobs these days thanks to the internet. Yes, it is great that you’re spending more time at home and with your family but sometimes the work can be demanding and you get to spend more than 6 hours working. This can cause anxiety in some people which in turn affects the mind. Health experts recommend that you do face time after a few hours or go out and talk with your neighbor or family. This relieves anxiety and make your mind calm and at peace.
  3. Give a hug. Life can be stressful at times regardless of whether you are at home or at work. The kind of stress that you are experiencing can also cause your mind to become too busy thinking about a lot of things. Fortunately, there is a way to help quiet your mind and that is by giving or sharing a hug. You can cuddle up to your significant other or even hug your furry friend. This simple gesture can do you a world of good because it boosts production of your happy hormone.
  4. Make stop signs. Everyone knows that when the red light appears in a traffic light, it means stop. You can apply the same principle to your brain by setting up stop signs around your house or even on your work table. For example, buy circular stickers that you can attach to different parts of your home so that when you see them, you stop and take a breather even just a few deep breaths. This helps in bringing your mind into a calmer and quieter state.
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Just write. Another effective way to quiet your mind is by jotting down the thoughts that have been running in your head. By writing them down, you are freeing your mind from these thoughts that are plaguing you so you’ll feel calmer.

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