5 Beauty Uses for Argan Oil that You Should Try

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5 Beauty Uses for Argan Oil that You Should TryArgan oil has made waves in the beauty industry as research showed that this particular oil harvested by Berber women manually from the Argan nuts is actually good for hydrating and moisturizing one’s skin. Women who have tried this “liquid gold” have found that they can actually de-clutter their vanity table of their creams and ointments as Argan oil can do all of their functions and more.

For those who are wondering what beauty uses are linked to Argan oil, here are five that are worth mentioning.

  1. Hydrating toner. Facial toners often contain chemicals that can be a bit harsh on your skin. You can skip buying them from your local beauty shop since you can use argan oil as a toner. For those who have found a facial toner that works on them, add a few drops of the oil to help moisturize and tone at the same time.
  2. Conditioner. We often use conditioners on our hair to trap in the moisture so that it will be easier to style them without causing damage on our hair strands. However, if your hair is a bit damaged because of your constant use of curling iron, hair straightener, and blow dry, switch to argan oil instead. Once you have finished taking a bath or shower, add a few drops of the oil on your hair, from the roots to the tips, as well as your scalp to hydrate and moisturize them.
  3. Night time moisturizer. What’s great about using Argan oil on your skin is that it gets absorbed quickly so you don’t have to worry about that oily residue after applying lotion. You should first apply an all-natural cleanser on your skin before adding a drop of this oil on your palm to give it some heat. Apply the oil on your face and neck in a circular motion. You can use two drops especially during the winter or dry months to boost hydration.
  4. Exfoliate. Creating your own exfoliating cream isn’t difficult to do and when you add argan oil into the mix, you will get protection against aging. For this treatment just add a few drops of argan oil with a tablespoon of brown sugar in your hand then rub the mixture on your face using circular motion. Do this for 2 to 4 minutes to get rid of the dead skin cells to reveal healthy skin underneath.
  5. Cuticle and heel softener. Another beauty use for argan oil is to soften your cuticles to encourage better nail growth. You can also use argan oil to soften your cracked heels overnight. Just apply a moderate amount on your heels, cover them with socks, and wake up to soft and moisturized feet.
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As you can see, Argan oil is definitely a must have especially when it comes to your beauty needs which. There are more uses for this amazing liquid that you will definitely come to love once you see the results.

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