What Happens to Your Body When You Walk 30 Minutes Everyday?

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Walking is the easiest way to stay healthy and increase your lifespan. As a moderate-intensity exercise, brisk walking daily for at least 30 minutes will help reduce weight gain and inhibit multiple diseases including hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues and more.

To keep your body healthy and fit, you need to work your body completely and walk briskly. Here’s what you will benefit by walking every day:

Benefits of Walking Everyday:

1. Boosts Your Immune System

Daily walking can help in boosting your immune system. Recent studies reported that exercising regularly can help reduce the number of colds you have yearly.

Doctors reported that regular exercise can help support your immune system by strengthening the cells which attack bad bacteria in your body. To get this benefit, walking needs to be done daily.

2. Improves Heart Health

Walking helps in improving heart health. Irish scientists reported that walking is the bestform of exercise for sedentary people, most especially adults, to reduce their risk of cardiovascular and heart diseases.

Also, another study that was published in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society, confirmed that both men and women of 65 years age or older, who walked for at least 4 hours per week, were at less risk of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, make sure to walk for at least 4 hours per week to keep cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and stroke at bay.

3. Prevents Dementia

As you age, the brain witnesses a reduction in gray matter, which leads to cognitive conditions such as dementia. Illnesses such as dementia reduce the quality of life not only for the patient, but, also for their love ones.

Therefore, before the situation worsens, get the patient to start walking. Increased physical activity treats cognitive impairments, increases the gray matter, and even improves cognitive function (Abbott, Robert D., Lon R. White, G. Webster Ross, Kamal H. Masaki, J. David Curb, and Helen Petrovitch. “Walking and dementia in physically capable elderly men.” Jama 292, no. 12 (2004): 1447-1453).

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4. Regulate Your Blood Pressure

Walking can also help in lowering blood pressure. Researchers from the Wakayama Medical College Japan, conducted an experiment on people suffering from mild hypertension, where 83 participants walked 10,000 steps daily for 12 weeks.

At the end of 12 weeks, the particpants showed a significant drop in their blood pressure and an increased stamina. Even if you are not able to do 10,000 everyday, you should walk for at least 60 minutes daily to keep your blood pressure levels in check.

5. Reduce Stress

Mental stress is a problem for most people these days. There are so many things to deal with and think about, that sometimes you feel like you are running from one thing to another.

Studies showed that a brisk 20-30 minute walking daily can help reduce mental stress. It is said to have similar effect as a mild tranquilizer.

6. Strengthen Your Bones

Osteoblasts are the cells in your bones which build new bone. They respond well to additional stress. This means that if you have not been walking and then you start, your bones will get stronger because you are adding stress.

Walking is the best way to do this. If you are already doing daily walking, you need to add something to your walk. Maybe you can add a few more minutes to do the trick.

7. Weight Loss

One of the most obvious benefits of walking daily is that you will be able to gradually reduce your excess weight, which you have been carrying around.

If you walk at a good clip, and for approximately 3045 minutes daily, you will begin to notice your clothes becoming a bit looser.


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