Top 6 Ingredients to Use for Healthy & Delicious Juice Blends

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Almost everyone are into juicing or juice blend beverages. But mostly these juice blends contain raw green vegetables, that do not taste delicious.

There is a way to make these green drinks really delicious and still keep you healthy. You can start with the 6 ingredients below.


Avocados contain fats that are good for the body. When you have a juice blend consisting of avocado, lemons and greens, each of those components work to make all the different elements more accessible. These components break down the nutrients, thus making it easier for your body to digest.


Figs can add a different layers of flavor into your juice blends. They are also alkalizing and delicious. You can choose to add Turkish or Mission figs.


Microgreens are young and small plants that have density of nutrients. Good examples of microgreens are basil, arugula, kale, beets and cilantro.

Green Vegetables

Choose you standard healthy greens such as spinach, kale, herbs and lettuce. Always remember that green vegetables are the basis for your juice blends.


Combining the raw and cold ingredients with some heat or spices can help stoke your digestive fire. Use turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, cilantro and lemon juice into your blends. These spices help balance out the raw.

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Mint is a great herb to cut the chlorophyll taste in your juice blends. Basil on the other hand is a blood purifier while parsley helps nourish the kidneys. Herbs are also filled with antioxidants.

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