The Effects of Caffeine to your Liver

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The Effects of Caffeine to your LiverModerate consumption of alcohol is proven to deliver a wide array if health benefits. However when abused, alcohol can pose serious damage to the body, particularly to the liver. According to research, alcohol consumption accounts for at least 37% of all liver disease mortality cases. Alcohol isn’t the only substance that is bad for the liver, as sugar consumption was found to be just as bad as drinking alcohol. Obesity is also known to be very damage to the liver.

There is food news however, as studies reveal that consumption of caffeine food items or drinks can reverse or even stop liver damage as a result of alcohol intake and poor dietary habits.

According to experts, the consumption of two cups of coffee may result in 44% reduced risk of developing liver cirrhosis.

It is good news that the development of liver cirrhosis can be well prevented simply by consuming food items and drinks that contain caffeine. Coffee contains chemical compounds that greatly reduce liver cirrhosis.

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It is of great significance that that likelihood of developing cirrhosis may be significantly reduced simply by the activity of drinking coffee- an affordable, highly available, and well-tolerated drink.

The benefits of drinking coffee increase all the more as one drinks more coffee. At least, this is what researchers have to say about increased coffee consumption of up to 4 cups daily. It can even reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis by as much as 65%.

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