How to Use Avocado Seeds and Orange Peel to Remove Dead Skin Cells

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Having healthy and radiant skin demands a large amount of care, which involves regular cleaning and washing of your skin, a healthy diet, and eliminating dead skin cells, that accumulates and takes away the shine of your skin.

If you want to make have a younger looking skin, minus excessive dead skin cells, then in addition to cleansing and moisturizing it, you need to learn how to remove dead skin cells by using homemade scrubs.

Even if you have sensitive skin type, you still need to use a mild scrub to exfoliate it gently. Exfoliation helps boost the blood circulation and clear out the layers of dead skin cells, thus giving you younger looking skin. Here are 2 ways to remove dead skin cells using home made scrub.

How to Use Avocado Seeds and Orange Peel to Remove Dead Skin Cells
Removing Dead Skin Cells Naturally / photo credit: supplements-score-card

1. Avocado Seeds with Honey and Olive Oil Scrub

This is one of the best body exfoliator to exfoliate your hands and legs. Exfoliation benefits also include nourishing dry and damaged skin, removing excess impurities from the skin and removal of excess sebum.

1. Wash the avocado seeds and remove the brown skin.
2. Grind the seeds into powder form.
3. Take 1 tablespoon of this powder, then add 1 teaspoon each of honey and olive oil.
4. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.
5. Apply the mixture over your face, neck, legs, hands, and other body parts using circular motion.
6. Rinse it off after 10-15 minutes.

2. Orange Peels with Yogurt Scrub

Do not throw away the peels, after eating oranges. Instead you can dry the peels in the sunlight for a few days, and then grind them into a powder form. You can use this in your skin-care routine.

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The slightly abrasive nature of this mixture works as a natural exfoliating agent. It can help remove dead skin cells and dirt from your skin.

Also, its vitamin C and rich antioxidant content can help rejuvenate your skin, thus making it appear vibrant and young.

1. Combine equal amounts of plain yogurt and orange peel powder to form a smooth paste.
2. Apply the mixture on your face and neck area.
3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
4. Gently rub off the paste with water.
5. Repeat once per week.

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