Here is an Effective Flu and Cold Treatment that will Cure you in 24 Hours

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If you are currently suffering from a cold or flu, this is definitely your lucky day! In this article, we will provide you useful information about an effective traditional homemade recipe that will cure your cold and/or flu in less than 24 hours. In addition, this natural recipe is useful for the prevention of lung diseases.

Children are most susceptible from developing colds and flu due to the fact that their immune system is not strong enough to battle against bacteria and viruses just yet. Another thing worth remembering is that treatment and management of these conditions with the wrong remedies or medication may lead to the development of pneumonia too. Pneumonia is far worse than the average cold and flu as it can only be treated with the use of powerful antibiotics.

The remedy that we are about to provide you is ideally taken immediately after the first warning signs manifest. Rest assured that 24 hours after taking this remedy, you will feel better and the colds and other unwanted symptoms will completely disappear.

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Here’s what you need to do:

  • You will need lard without salt. Other important ingredients are wrapping paper and gas fuel.
  • Rub some lard on the chest area and place wrapping paper on top of it. The wrapping paper should be presoaked with gas before placing on the chest. Wrap the paper with plastic rap and then place a cloth over it. The cloth or towel will warm up the remedy fast. Let this sit overnight and remove the cloth, plastic, paper, and lard in the morning.
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You will feel relief the next morning once you have totally removed the wrap. If you are suffering from fever, you will notice that your temperature will also go back to normal and the cold or flu have already disappeared.



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