Health Benefits of Organic Butter & How to Make One

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Most of the butter that bought from the grocery stores are not very healthy. This is because, most of them are made from processed or pasteurized milk.

Homemade organic butter, on the other hand is very healthy, because it contains the minerals and vitamins present in raw milk.

Furthermore, it contains the following health benefits:

1. Organic butter contains medium and short chain fatty acids, that protect against cancer.
2. Homemade organic butter are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A contains many benefits for your body’s skin, cells and tissues. It also has many essential benefits for your vision and even your teeth.
3. Supports the process of gene transcription.

How to Make Organic Butter:


2 cups organic whipping or heavy cream


1. Process cream using a foods processor for about 10 minutes. Continue processing until it turns grainy. Then separate into butter and butter milk.
Drain the buttermilk from butter.
2. Scrape the butter from the sides, then place in a bowl. Put the butter in a colander, while straining the buttermilk.
3. Rinse the butter using cold water, while turning the butter using a spoon. Do this while the cold water runs over and until the water runs clear.
4. If the butter is clean, squeeze more liquid from the butter. Use wooden paddles or spoons to smash butter and pour off liquid. Add the salt, to taste.
5. Place it in a bowl or jar, then store in the freezer or fridge.

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Note: The butter can last for several months before going bad.

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