Avoid Applying Moisturizing Lotions with These Chemicals

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Avoid Applying Moisturizing Lotions with These ChemicalsBe wary of applying moisturizing lotions on your skin! A lot of them provide other things than just moisture, many of which can get to your different organs via the bloodstream once they are absorbed by your skin.

Ingredients that you find hard to read or pronounce are very much likely to be bad for you, and there are tons of scientific researches to prove that. So why do so many manufacturers of moisturizing lotions still use them? Simple: getting them is easy and pocket-friendly.

The best thing you can do is to steer clear of moisturizing lotions that contain ingredients known to be bad for your health. Carefully checking out the label helps you determine whether a product should be allowed in your shopping cart or placed back on the shelf. The following are some ingredients in a lot of moisturizing lotions that you should watch out for:


On the current market, thousands of moisturizing lotions and other beauty products contain parabens — compounds that work as preservatives. What makes parabens frowned upon by many medical authorities and consumers is this: they mimic the action of estrogen, thus causing hormonal problems in the body. Parabens are also linked to cancer.

Propylene Glycol

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because you may have encountered it over and over again on the labels of perfumes, deodorants, moisturizing lotions, massage oils and many other cosmetic products. A kind of alcohol that is used as a carrier of fragrances, propylene glycol can cause skin irritation and even problems with the liver and kidneys.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Grab a box or bottle of any cosmetic product that produces foam or bubbles and check out the list of ingredients — chances are it contains sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. Used as a foaming agent, SLS is also a staple ingredient in so many moisturizing lotions these days. This chemical is known as a carcinogen and may cause skin irritation and hair loss.

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A chemical obtained from coal tar or petroleum and has a pleasing odor, toluene helps make some of today’s moisturizing lotions smell delightful. Who wants to smell terrific if both the liver and kidneys are placed at risk because of toluene? Experts add that the chemical may also lower your blood cell count and can cause problems with a developing fetus.


There are so many moisturizing lotions for the face, hands and the rest of the body that contain acrylamide. This chemical is a staple ingredient in a lot of the mentioned cosmetic products as it serves as a binder and stabilizer. In large doses, experts say that acrylamide may cause cancer as well as nerve damage.


The spelling of these chemicals is a dead giveaway that they’re not good for your health. These synthetic ingredients are added to moisturizing lotions to keep them soft. Studies have shown that phthalates may have a negative impact on the hormones because it can mimic estrogen’s action. Also, experts have linked these chemicals to breast cancer.

Be careful because the moisturizing lotion you wish to apply may give you more than just hydrated skin cells. Make it a habit to read the label of any cosmetic product you are intending to buy to safeguard yourself from certain chemicals known to cause an assortment of health problems.

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