10 Healthy Reasons To Eat Mango Everyday!

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Who does not love mango? They may be very be called the king of all fruits as they have so many healthy benefits. From weight loss, boosting the immunity and other beauty benefits as well. There’s no reason why you should not be eating a mango every day.

Nutrition chart
One cup of mango, approximately 225 gms, contains the following percentages that apply to daily value.
105 calories
76 percent vitamin C
25 percent vitamin A
11 percent vitamin B6 plus other B vitamins
9 percent healthy probiotic fibre
9 percent copper
7 percent potassium
4 percent magnesium

1. Improve Eye Health

Mangos are rich in vitamin-A, which is known to help improve overall vision. Vitamin-A also help relieve dryness in the eyes and even reduce inflammation.

2. Treating Anemia

The pulp of mangoes are known to help increase the hemoglobin count, most especially when consumed alongside sweetened milk. Therefore it is useful in the treatment of anemia.

3. Cancer Prevention

Mangoes are rich in antioxidants such as isoquercitrin, quercetin, fisetin, vastragalin, methylgallat and gallic acid. These help protects the body against breast, colon, leukemia and prostate cancers.

4. Weight loss

Mango contains lot of nutrients and vitamins that help the body feel fuller. It also boosts the digestive function of the body, by burning additional calories, therefore helping in weight loss.

5. Improve Tooth & Gum Health

Using mango tree bark in gargling mixes to help reduce tooth decay, halitosis and bleeding. You can also grind the seed of a mango into a paste, amd gently rub it into your gums to reduce the effects of bleeding.

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6. Keeps Cholesterol Level in Check

The high level of pectin, vitamin C and fibres in mango, help to lower serum cholesterol levels. It is also a rich source of potassium, that is considered to be an important component of cell and body fluids, helping to control heart rate and blood pressure.

7. Aids in Digestion

The enzymes present in mango, helps in breaking down protein. Its fibrous nature, also helps in digestion and elimination. It is full of pre-biotic dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins.

8. Skin cleanser

Mangoes help a lot in keeping your face fresh and in the unclogging of pores. They are also applicable to any skin type. Slice a piece of mango into thin pieces and keep them on your face for 10-15 minutes. Then wash your face to see the results.

9. Strengthens Immune System

The combination of vitamin A, vitamin C, and 25 different kinds of carotenoids keep the immune system healthy.

10. Alkalizes the body

Mango is rich in malic acid, tartaric acid and traces of citric acid that mostly help in maintaining the alkali reserve of the body.

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