Your Menstruation Need Not Hinder a Successful Workout

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Your Menstruation Need Not Hinder a Successful Workout Truth is that in this modern day so many of us girls are engaged in unhealthy habits that these habits affect our menses.  Menstruation experiences vary from woman to woman and there are of course conditions that cause severe cramps and serotonin depletion but even the worse of it can be cured or greatly minimized with a balanced diet, a regular workout routine with variation- not full on repetition and a positive outlook.  Stress and depression is the leading cause of ill health along with processed sugar, cigarettes, fatty diets, etc.

Periods do not become much difficult to deal with good lifestyle choices.  Minor adjustments to the diet and workout routine is all it takes at times, go for natural pain killers such as herbal, fruity remedies instead of relying on pills.

With the fluctuation of hormones and some iron loss it is natural to be a bit moodier, but it is all about perspective and all in the head and your choices.  Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle minimize the effects of menses and even lighten the flow when you exercise enough.

It all begins with a balanced and non-suppressive diet.  Even athletes have cheat days.  Protein and fiber are everyone’s friend and eating more lean proteins and sufficient fiber sources reduce cramping and bloat.  Junk food is easily cravable but a truly healthy diet “you miss junk food less.  And who wants to be constipated or too bloated and aching on their cycle just because they had too much salt and sugar.

Do not just go for any impulsive craving, include a couple yes but make sure you get enough fiber from vegetables, raw fruits and oats.  These foods cleanse out your system and eliminate toxins.  Lean protein keeps your muscle mass therefore your shape and keeps you from feeling withered and anemic.  Carbs are a must and should not be feared and eliminated from the diet.  A good diet is protein and fiber based with minimized carbs.  Healthy alternatives are sweet potatoes, corn, red, brown and other whole grain rice, wheat bread without preservatives, barley, couscous, rye, cornmeal, buckwheat, beans, legumes and tortillas.  Carbohydrates power the cells and work together with protein in repairing muscle.

When a lot of women bleed the sweet tooth usually goes off or spikes.  Keep in mind that not all sugars are bad.  Actually sugar wasn’t bad to begin with, natural and raw sugar is good for you! It provides nutrients, clean energy and even controls blood sugar! Watch out for processed sugars though, especially white sugars- they make people easily keep weight and be sickly.  Examples of healthy, natural sugars are agave syrup, honey, cane sugar, coconut sugar, palm sugar and true maple syrup.  Fruits are ready to pick desserts that satisfy a sweet tooth and provide beneficial sugars, vitamins and fiber.  Onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, peas, tomatoes squashes and pumpkins pack more natural sugar in the veggie world and they are very good for you.

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Iron loss is also to blame for you to feel less springy and strong.  Fun fact, vitamin C aids in iron absorption.  Natural supplements are fine but also get your natural sources in such as bell peppers or guava, lemon, grapefruit, chilies, broccoli, melons, tomatoes, etc.

Some examples of iron-rich foods are peas, dark leafy greens, fortified carbs, seafood, poultry, pork and red meat.

Coffee and tea are great too if you like.  Caffeine in this form is beneficial for your fatigued feelings and will help as a digestive aid.  And of course water, water, water as much as you need and a few sips or gulps more.

Now your diet is fixed you feel so much more light and energized.  You feel cleaner, truly, because you are detoxed from the inside out.  This is half the battle and a regular exercise regimen is just so much easier to start and maintain when your other habits are healthy too.

Ideally 4 times a week of moderate or moderate-heavy exercise is ideal.  Do not force every day to be hard, rest days are beneficial and mild activity is still just as effective such as light running, easy weights and stretches in between the tougher activities.  Variation in routine also confuses the muscles and works out the whole body more.

You can choose to take it easier on your period workouts and stick more to recovery stretches to minimize cramps and maximize circulation. Breathing exercises are a great, relaxing, abdominal exercise.  Tea and incense won’t hurt either.

Squats are wonderful exercises to help one stretch and build muscle and strength.  Athletes, athletic women or just overall active enough women with good food choices suffer less.  The more you are active and healthy the less your cycles will bother you.

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