Why You Should Put Eggs in Your Salad

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This is good news for egg lovers out there! A new research showed that adding eggs in raw vegetables or salad, can help boost the body to absorb health-boosting nutrients.

A healthy salad must include a source of high-quality fats to help the body absorb its beneficial nutrients. You can get these from the ingredients and dressing.

But the best salad ingredients of all? Yes its eggs!

Why You Should Put Eggs in Your Salad


This is because some antioxidants and nutrients are fat-soluble, meaning it must be eaten with fat to properly absorb nutrients. Adding eggs into you salad helps the body absorb the nutrients.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that when the men participants added 1.5 to 3 eggs to their salads, they increased their absorption of zeaxanthin and lutein by four to five-fold.

For the study, 16 healthy men ate a raw mixed-vegetable salad with no eggs, a salad with one and a half eggs or 1.5 eggs and a salad with three eggs at different times. The test showed the absorption of carotenoids was approximately four times higher when the salad included three eggs, compared to no eggs.


Scrambled whole eggs were used for the test, but while other egg forms were not tested, the researchers were confident, that the results would be comparable as long as the egg yolk is eaten. This is because it’s the fat in the yolk that is responsible for the increased nutrient absorption.

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