Which of Your Body Parts Age Fast and How to Prevent It

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Aging is affected by many factors. Stress, diet, environment and your hormones, all play a part in the aging process. Some parts of your body, such as the heart and brain, are renewed faster so they are technically younger.

While there is no scientific fountain of youth, you can help in slowing down the aging process by making certain lifestyle and dietary choices. Stress, toxicity and lack of exercise, all age your body faster.

But not all parts of your body age at the same speed. Diseased tissue seems to age the fastest. In healthy people, the female breast tissue ages faster, as compared to other parts of the body.

Remember the importance of the daily protection of your dermis, both inside and out. If you want to look great, healthy and hide your true age.

Which of Your Body Parts Age Fast and How to Prevent It
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1. Chest

Not all of your tissue ages at the same rate, that is according to a 2013 study that was published by geneticist Steve Horvath in Genome Biology. In the study where he looked at 14,000 various samples, it was found that “healthy breast tissue is about 2-3 years older, as compared to the rest of a woman’s body.”

How to Prevent It:
To prevent your décolletage from aging rapidly, all you have to do is take advantage of your mask sessions. According to Mary Phillips, Kendall Jenner’s makeup artist, you can maximize your repair masks by rubbing the leftover serum on your neck and chest.

2. Eyelids Area

At a certain age and as time goes by, your thin eyelid skin tends to lose its natural elasticity. The result is visibly droopy eyelids. As well as being very noticeable, droopy eyelids makes your face appear sad and tired, which is not a very attractive look.

How to Prevent It:
To prevent this, try to get adequate amount of sleep, reduce salt intake in your diet and drink plenty of water during the day. There are some beauty tricks that are effective in the task of concealing your droopy eyelids.

3. Face

Just as the hands, the face is the other part of the body which is constantly exposed to external factors. Besides being one of the parts of the body that age first, the signs of aging are far more visible on your face than in any other area. Wrinkles, blemishes and expression lines can appear prematurely if your facial skin is not moisturized daily and you do not follow a healthy and balanced diet.

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How to Prevent It:
Do not forget the importance of cleaning your face twice a day, as well as applying anti-aging products, moisturizing creams and sun protection. Weekly exfoliation is another factor that can help you to rejuvenate your skin, therefore keeping it healthy and young-looking.

4. Hands

This part of the body is mostly exposed to a host of external factors that may cause loss of flexibility and elasticity, making it susceptible to early forms of aging.

How to Prevent It:
The main culprit is the sun, so it is essential to apply a sunscreen all the time, along with a nourishing cream that is enriched with vitamins to ensure hydration.

5. Knee and Elbows

Aside from being rough and dry, loose skin is a common problem for your knees and elbows.
Hoe to prevent it? Exercise.

How to Prevent It:
According to a Los Angeles-based dermatologist, Jessica Wu, “weight training will encourage tautness by producing muscle definition and keeping your bones strong, to better support your skin.

6. Neck

The skin on your neck area is thinner than your face. Therefore, the neck can easily look much older as compared to anything else. Sagging skin is very familiar under your neck, and chin, and this can happen at any age, at a fast rate.

How to Prevent It:
In order to prevent this, it is recommended to use products with retinol and peptides, to help increase collagen production.

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