What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Too Much?

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Have you ever wonder about the effects of those extra mouthfuls to your body? Here’s, what happens to your body when you eat too much.

1. Digestion

You must fight the urge to find the nearest couch and set-up camp. Lying down will only put pressure on your stomach, which could cause stomach acid to rise up to your esophagus, thereby, triggering heartburn.

Stay upright if possible, until that full feeling has subsided, or at least for half an hour.

2. Energy

Do you know the reason why you are feeling drowsy before pudding? “To help digestion after a big dinner, blood rushes to your stomach, which can cause fatigue. This should go within 2 hours,” according to Rossi.

Also, the hormones that help digestion can influence melatonin (the sleepy hormone), and the happy hormone, called serotonin.

3. Hormones

Leptin is “Known as the satiety hormone“. It is produced by the body’s fat cells and carried by the bloodstream into your brain, where it sends a signal to the hypothalamus that you are no longer hungry, according to Dr. Rossi.

Do not wait for your waistband to start cutting in, when your brain says stop, listen to what it is saying.

4. Stomach

You might be tempted to sweat out those excess kilojoules, but it is likely to make you feel worse. “Fatty foods take a while to break down, therefore, you will need to wait longer than usual to exercise after eating,” as per Rossi.

Listen to your body, but it is recommended to stick to a walk.” Fancy a stroll, anyone?

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The average adult stomach can hold about 2 litres of food, but can expand by up to 4x its size,” according to Dr. Megan Rossi. “Food leaves your stomach after just 2 hours, but a big meal can take about 4 to move into your small intestine.”

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