What Happens to Your Body, 4 Hours After Eating 5 Walnuts?

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Recent research has revealed that eating a handful of nuts daily is an excellent way to help protect yourself against heart disease. After just 4 hours of eating nuts or consuming nut oil, doctors have observed an immense improvement in cholesterol levels and blood vessel flexibility.

What Happens to Your Body, 4 Hours After Eating 5 Walnuts?
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Regular intake is important in harnessing the benefits of the nuts, according to Dr. Penny Kris Etherton, who says that:

Only by consuming a handful of walnuts or walnut oil for 4 days in a week, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

This study is the first one to identify the part of walnuts that provides the greatest health benefits. By consuming three tablespoons (51 g) of walnut oil, you can vastly improve the condition of your blood vessels in just 4 hours.

Walnut oil has proven to be good for the integrity of endothelial cells. Endothelial cells are the cells that line the blood vessels and play an integral part in their flexibility.

Benefits of Walnuts:

But, this study is not the earliest documented research of walnuts being believed to be a superfood, that is highly beneficial to the body. The ancient Romans believed walnuts were a sex enhancer, even going as far as scattering them on newlywed couples.

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The ancient British on the other hand, used walnuts to treat mental illness, attributing its benefit to the brain shape of its kernels.

What Makes Walnuts So Healthy?

Walnuts help in stimulating the production of the enzymes chymotrypsin and trypsin, which are some of the most powerful digestive enzymes the body produces. As long as a handful or even less of walnuts is consumed, the body typically overproduces these enzymes, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream and helps in cleaning the blood and lymphatic system.

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How to Add More Walnuts Into Your Diet?

Aside from eating the walnuts as is, some alternate ways to eat walnuts are by adding them in your smoothies, sprinkling on oatmeal, salad dressings and adding on your homemade walnut muffins. This gives your food added vitamin E, melatonin, folate, omega 3 fats and antioxidants.

Want to know more on the health benefits of walnuts? Click on this link to find out!

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