What can be done for Adult ADHD

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What can be done for Adult ADHDAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common disorder in children. It is marked by three primary symptoms – inattentiveness, impulsive, and hyperactivity. Formerly called Attention deficit disorder (ADD), the symptoms of ADHD always begin in childhood.

Adults with ADHD may find it hard to be organized, manage time, set plans or goals, and secure a job, according to Web MD. ADHD involves an attention problem, making it challenging for them to succeed the fast-paced nature of the modern world. Because of this attention problem, a person with ADHD may not perform well in busy or noisy offices. To add, he may see phone calls or e-mails as distraction that will not allow him to finish his task. This results to time wastage and low productivity. I

In addition, an adult with ADHD finds it hard to keep his attention on a task, which means that driving could be a challenge. With the ADHD symptoms, the person will be likely to go fast, get into traffic accidents, and eventually lose their driver’s license. They also have problems intearcting with other people, such as their spouses, which leads to marital problems. Some partners may misinterpret poor listening skills as disinterest to one’s commitments. In the persepective of the person with ADHD, he may not understand the reason behind his partner’s actions, feelings, and emotions, leading to feelings that he is being blamed for something he thinks he did not do.

Similar to children, adults who think thay have ADHD should seek consult with a licensed mental health professional for assessment. According to National Institute of Mental Health, the health professional may have to cover a broader symptom spectrum in assessing adults with ADHD, since adult symptoms are usually more varied and not as direct as seen in children.

To validate the diagnosis of ADHD, the adult must have had ADHD symptoms since childhood, which continued until adulthood. Rating scales are used by health professionals to check if an adult meets the criteria for the behavioral disorder. In addition to the said criteria, the person’s behavioral history during childhood, including school experiences, will be checked. Such records will be validated with interviews with the person’s significant others, such as parents, spouses or partners, friends, and colleagues, among others. The client will be also subject to a physical examination and a series of psychological tests.

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ADHD is a complex disorder, so giving recommendations to adults with ADHD could be challenging; however, some lifestyle and home remedies can be done to cope with the behavioral condition. Task listing is at the top of the list of remedies for ADHD, as pointed out by Mayo Clinic. The publication said that a list of tasks to be accomplished each day should be done, but the task should not be too much. In addition, the tasks should be broken down into small and more manageable ones, since an adult with an ADHD will not usually be able to stay on a certain task for a long period of time.

The tasks may be written down on a sticky pad, a notebook, an appointment book, an electronic calendar, or electronic devices, among others. Some believe that the use of sticky pads is the easiest way to remind the person with ADHD with the task, since the small paper can be put on the refrigerator, on a mirror, or in the car, among others. A notebook or electronic device are also helpful to take down information without tha danger of getting lost, unlike the sticky pads. The appointment book and electronic calendar will be also handy when it comes to appointments and deadlines.

It is also important to take time to set-up filing and information systems for organization, for both electronic and paper documents. In addition, consistency is part of the management of ADHD. This can be done by following a consistent routine day to day, such as keeping small items like keys, in the same area.

Overall, a person with ADHD needs understanding, so people around him should consider understanding his condition working together with other significant others to help him become a better person.

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