What are the Foods You Should Not Store in the Fridge?

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We all want to preserve and protect the foods we purchase. But we always think that the best way to do that is by putting them in the refrigerators.

But, there are certain foods which should never be put in the fridge. We have put together below, a list containing 10 foods which you should never put in the refrigerator.

What are the Foods You Should Not Store in the Fridge?
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10 Foods You Should Not Store in the Fridge

1. Avocados

If you have purchased an avocado that is not yet ripen, you should not place it in your refrigerator. They will need time to ripen. Keeping it in the cold cooler will impede the ripening process.

Also, putting the avocado in your fridge should only be done if the avocado is already ripe and you will not use it right away.

2. Bananas

Bananas retain nutrients better outside the refrigerator. They should never be placed inside the fridge.

According to Canadian Produce Marketing Association, bananas are much better to be keep on the counter until they ripen. The cold temperature, slow down the ripening process of the bananas, while the darkness and moisture of the fridge will only facilitate rotting.

3. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are prone to chill damage. This is a common effect of cold temperature to the fruits which are filled up with citric acid, such as oranges or lemons.

These citrus fruits require natural temperature for ripening, so keeping them inside the refrigerators affects this process. Also, you may see some spots and dull skin on these types of fruits, if kept in the refrigerators.

4. Fresh Herbs

Unless you wrap them tightly or you put them in an air-tight container, you should not refrigerate your herbs. Fresh herbs are like coffee as they absorb smells around them, making them impossible to return to the original flavor.

Also, fresh herbs lose flavor and go dry in the fridge quickly. So, unless you plan to wrap them up, it is wise to keep them outside in the open and away from strong odor.

5. Honey

Honey will be as fresh as the day it was put into a jar. This is because honey is a naturally preserved food.

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Putting honey into the fridge will increase the speed of the sugar crystallization. This will turn it into an almost dough-like form, making for a hard time to scoop out.

6. Melons

If you have not opened your melons, then there is no need to put them in your fridge. Research has shown that storing melons in room temperatures, will keep the antioxidants levels the same.

Also, melons may lost some of their beta-carotene content as well. The research is pertaining to whole melons. Sliced melons can be placed in the fridge, but it should be covered.

7. Onions

Onions tend to become incredibly moldy or mushy if left in the fridge for too long. If the onion has been cut, the layers begin the process of drying up even if you wrap it up tightly.

8. Pickles

Pickle is often found in refrigerators. But did you know that pickles are high on preservatives?

Also, you should note that some foods are preserved with the help of pickles. If pickles are used as preservatives, you should not worry about its preservation without refrigeration.

9. Potatoes

Potatoes should be placed in a cool, dark and dry space. The cold temperatures of the fridge, can turn starch into sugar more rapidly.

Also, it is recommended that potatoes be removed from paper or plastic bags they may have been placed in. Keep them unwashed, as well in a well-ventilated cardboard box.

10. Tomatoes

Putting tomatoes in the refrigerator will cause them to lose all of their flavour. Also, the cold air in the cooler, will stop the ripening process as well.

As you all know, ripening is what gives tomato more taste and flavor. The cold temperature of the fridge will affect the texture of the tomatoes as well. Keep tomatoes out, inside a basket or a bowl on your counter.

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