Ways to Make Water Taste Better

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Ways to Make Water Taste BetterWater, along with air and food, is vital to the survival of plants, animals, and humans.

According to The UGCS Water Science School, up to 90 percent of the body of some organisms comes from water while up to 60 percent of the adult human body is water. In fact, H.H. Mitchell told Journal of Biological Chemistry that the brain and the heart were composed of 73 percent water and the lungs were about 83 percent water. The human skin also contains 83 percent water while the muscles and kidneys are 79 percent water. Mitchell added that even the bones were watery, as they have 31 percent water.

Water has a number of functions in the human body. According to Mayo Clinic, water is responsible for taking up the size and weight of the body organs; forming saliva; regulating body temperature; moistening tissues like those in the eyes, nose, and mouth; lubricating the joints; protecting body organs and tissues; lessening the burden of the kidneys and liver by removing waste products; helping avoid constipation; carrying nutrients and oxygen to the cells; and helping solve dissolve minerals and other nutrients for them to be accessible to the body. Other functions of water include helping the brain produce hormones and neurotransmitters; acting as shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord; converting food to components needed for digestion; and helping in the growth, reproduction, and survival of body cells, as per Water USGS Water Science School.

Unlike juice and soda, water has no flavor. However, there are ways to make one’s drinking water taste better.

According to Shape, squeezing citrus fruits like lemon or lime can be done to add taste to one’s drinking water. Aside from the zest of sour taste lemons and limes give, drinking lemon water also has a number of benefits. According to Food Matters, lemon are rich in vitamin C, which helps enhance the skin’s health by invigorating the skin and giving a glow to one’s face. In addition, lemon water also helps in weight reduction, so it serves as a great weight loss remedy.

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One can enjoy flavored but unsweetened water, according to Epicurious. This can be done by adding spices, fruits, and vegetables that one can access in the kitchen, rather than using syrup, sugar, or artificial flavoring. Any spice, herb, fruit, or vegetable can be infused to water and add a whole new level of enjoyable and healthy hydration to one’s day. Examples of ingredients that can add flavor to tap water include rosemary, grapefruit peel, cilantro, and ginger.

Water can also be prepared as tea. According to Everyday Health, herbal, fruit, red, green, and white teas are usually viewed as better kinds of teas than the black teas or coffee, as the former kinds have little to no caffeine. In addition, these teas do have a number of choose from, not to mention that they are also accessible at the local market or health food store. The world is also rich with various versions and flavors of teas that can be tried at home and shared with one’s family and friends.

Along with water’s several benefits, it is also important for humans to drink water every day. According to Authority Nutrition, health authorities usually recommend drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water, which is commonly referred to as the “8×8 rule.” This is equivalent to about two liters or half a gallon. However, the rule has changed. According to Web MD, the amount of water to be consumed on a daily basis depends on the person’s size and weight, as well as one’s activity level and location. Also, it is suggested that one should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound of body weight daily. For instance, if one weighs 150 pounds, he should consume 75 to 150 ounces of water per day. People who live in a cooler climate and have sedentary lifestyle should drink less while those who live in a hot climate and have an active lifestyle should consume more.

With consuming adequate amounts of water, the body will always be refreshed and ready to face the challenges of daily life.

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