Ways to Loosen Up Tight Muscles

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Ways to Loosen Up Tight MusclesTight muscles can happen regardless of whether you are a couch potato or an overly active individual. If you do not address this as soon as possible, your range of motion will be affected not to mention experience misalignment with your posture. Fortunately, there are many types of treatment that you can use to loosen up your tight muscles depending on how intense the tightness is. These treatments can either provide instant relief or gradual recovery from the tightness.

To loosen too tight muscles you might want to try out these treatments:

  1. Stretch it out. Stretching is the cheapest way to alleviate the tightness in your muscles as well as connective tissues. In order for the stretch to be effective, your muscles should be warm first. Keep in mind that you stretch not just the muscles that you feel are too tight but those that are working your joints. To get the most out of your stretch, hold the muscle for 15 to 60 seconds or more. Just make sure that you don’t bounce during your stretch. A good choice for stretching your muscles is yoga.
  2. Meditate. Another effective way to loosen up tight muscles is to meditate. One reason why your muscles seize up is because of too much stress. Through meditation, you’ll be able to wash away the stress from your body so your muscles will get the chance to relax. You can do this early in the morning or before going to bed for maximum effect. There are different ways to meditate such as listening to mantras or just through breathing.
  3. Get a massage. There is no doubt that getting a massage is an effective tool in treating tense muscles. Therapists are trained to find tight muscles and manipulate them in a way that will relieve the tension in them. If you can’t go to the massage parlor regularly, self-massage is possible. Simply prepare your space where you can sit down comfortably. Use a massage oil or essential oil to use as a rub while massaging your body.
  4. Deep breathing. Another reason why muscles tend to tighten is because you are not breathing properly. Rapid or shallow breathing can cause tension in your muscles so the best way to alleviate this is to practice deep breathing. Start by focusing on a long and steady exhale. You shouldn’t worry about your inhale at all because your body will tell you how to inhale deeply. Focus on your exhale for 20 counts and feel the tension disappear.
  5. Warm up your muscles. Before you do any muscle therapy, it is best that you warm up your muscles first to make them more elastic and respond better to stretching. You can do light workouts such as running in place, walking at a brisk pace, or do hot tubs, and steam rooms just to name a few. The idea here is to make your muscles warm and ready for stretches and massages to alleviate tight muscles.
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