Very Surprising Uses of Vodka

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Very Surprising Uses of Vodka

What’s so nice about vodka is its characteristics make it mix very well with numerous other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. But did you know that this clear liquid can be used in so many other ways that just making parties more fun? The following are some of the very surprising uses of vodka:

Toothache Soother

The moment a toothache is bothering you, immediately reach for that bottle of vodka. Pour some of it on a small cotton ball, and place it on the affected tooth. Leave it there until you attain relief. Vodka helps deaden the nerves, making that bothersome toothache go away in a snap.

Breath Freshener

Most mouthwashes on the market contain alcohol so that they may work against odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. Fret not if you wake up to an empty bottle of mouthwash. For as long as there’s vodka stashed somewhere in your home, dealing with that bad breath is possible. Gargle with a capful and say hello to fresh breath.

Cold Sore Curer

Those bothersome cold sores can keep you from eating, talking and flashing your pretty smile. A quick way to heal cold sores is by daubing vodka on them with the help of a cotton swab. Vodka’s antibacterial properties help ward off further irritation and infection. This DIY remedy for cold sores also provides some pain relief.

Oil Buildup Remover

Constantly got limp and lifeless hair because of oil buildup? Deal with the problem with the help of vodka. All you have to do is pour a shot of this alcoholic beverage into the bottle of your favorite shampoo. This will help remove excess oils without stripping your hair and scalp of moisture. Remember to shake the bottle before shampooing!

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Dandruff Healer

Aside from excessive scalp dryness, dandruff may also be brought about by fungal infection. You can deal with a mild case of dandruff simply by adding a shot of vodka to water, and using this mixture for rinsing your locks after shampooing. Vodka’s alcohol content is an effective fungi zapper.

Insect Eliminator

Everyone knows that insect bites are annoying and may leave you with all sorts of diseases. If you want to spare yourself of the various harsh chemicals in many of today’s insect repellents, make your own! Fill a small spray bottle with vodka and add a couple of drops of lavender oil. Shake very well before applying on exposed areas of the body.

Underarm and Feet Deodorizer

Whenever your underarms and feet are causing embarrassment, simply grab a bottle of vodka. Apply some of this clear alcoholic beverage on your armpits to kill off odor-causing bacteria. Do the same if your feet reek like crazy. Allow those areas to dry thoroughly and follow with a dusting of baby powder or baking soda.

Skin Soother

What makes commercially-available aftershaves work is their alcohol content. Since vodka is alcohol, it can work just as well as your favorite aftershave — or even better because it’s devoid of unnecessary chemicals like fragrances and colorants! Apply after shaving to ward off skin infection and irritation.

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