Vegetables with the Most Water Content

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Vegetables with the Most Water Contentcontaining lots of water is a wonderful way to increase your daily fluid intake. About 60% of your body weight is water and your body cannot function properly without it. You can survive without food for 3 weeks but you will perish in just 3 days without water!

The consumption of vegetables with plenty of water allows the body to remain hydrated. It also helps flush out toxins that have accumulated within you, and it promotes regular bowel movement too. Munching on water-rich vegetables is also ideal for people who wish to lose excess pounds because the combination of water and fiber is really filling.

Here are some vegetables with the most water content:



Vegetables with the Most Water ContentDid you know that celery (stalk and leaves) is 95% water? This is why adding celery to your diet helps you get all the water you need each day. It’s a great source of fiber that wards off constipation and lowers your risk of colon cancer. Celery also supplies your body with vitamin A, an antioxidant good for the eyes.


Vegetables with the Most Water ContentOther than placing slices of it on puffy eyes, you should certainly include plenty of cucumber in your salad. Made up of up to 95% water, munching on this elongated vegetable helps make you hydrated and feel full quickly and for a longer period of time. Oh, it’s a rich source of vitamin C too.

Iceberg Lettuce

Vegetables with the Most Water ContentEach time you make a serving of salad for yourself, make sure there’s plenty of iceberg lettuce added to it. That’s because this leafy green is up to 96% water. Experts say that iceberg lettuce is also a good source of nutrients such as potassium, iron, manganese, and vitamins A, C and K.

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Vegetables with the Most Water ContentAdding radish to your diet allows you to get ample amounts of vitamin C you need for healthy skin and a strong immune system. This edible root is made up of 95% water. It’s also very low in calories and contains no fat and cholesterol, making it perfect for someone trying to slim down.

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Vegetables with the Most Water ContentAt first look, it seems like zucchinis don’t contain plenty of water. It’s when you get past the skin that the fact that they are made up of 95% water becomes really evident. Be a fan of these veggies and you can get plenty of free radical- and cancer-fighting vitamin C too.


Vegetables with the Most Water ContentEveryone knows that tomatoes are rich in water. In fact, every piece is composed of as much as 94% water. Adding tomatoes to your diet is a fantastic idea if you want to stay hydrated. These juicy treats are also loaded with lycopene, an antioxidant that’s proven highly effective against cancer.

Bell Peppers

Vegetables with the Most Water ContentA tasty way to add more water to your daily diet is by including bell peppers to your dishes. Every piece of it is composed of 92% water. Bell peppers help promote healthy digestion. They are also perfect for you if you wish to shed off unwanted pounds because of the metabolism-boosting compound in them called capsicum.


Vegetables with the Most Water ContentAside from the fact that broccoli is made up of 91% water, munching on it also supplies your body with sulfuric compounds that help neutralize toxins within you. In addition, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are also known to help lower your risk of deadly cancer.

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