Use These Powerful Leaves to Get Rid of Joint Pain and Headaches

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Most people preferred using natural home remedies over medicines. Most diseases can be treated using natural remedies.

One such powerful remedy, which is available in every household are Bay leaves! Apart from adding flavour to various dishes, bay leaves contain numerous health benefits, such as relieving joint pains and headaches. Also, bay leaves help in boosting the immune system, reducing stress, and calming your nervous system.

How to Use Bay Leaves to Get Rid of Migraines and Joint Pain:

1. Bay Leaves for Migraines or Headaches

Bay leaves are used for culinary purposes and is a common ingredient in soups, stews and tomato sauces. But you can also make tea using bay leaves to serve as an herbal remedy for migraines.

Bay leaves are a rich source of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Regular inclusion of bay leaves in your meals can promote general health.

If you suffer from regular headaches, you may want to add this aromatic evergreen into your backyard, so you will have a steady supply of leaves.

Bay Leaf Tea Recipe:

3 bay leaves
2 small lemons
16 ounce water

1. Place all ingredients in a pot.
2. Bring to a boil.
3. Drink, after it cools down.

2. Bay Leaves and Olive Oil Joint Pain Remedy

Laurel is a plant that is native to the Mediterranean area and its leaves are used in both natural and gastronomy medicine. This herb contains many beneficial properties for health.

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This herb also helps relieve nerves, purify the colon, treat varicose veins, relieve joint pain and strengthen your immune system defenses.

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Below you will find directions on how to prepare this remedy made from bay leaves.


30 grams Organic bay leaves
1 cup Olive oil (extra virgin)

1. Place the bay leaves in the mortar and grind them.
2. Add 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil into the bay leaves.
3. Pour the mixture into a bottle.
4. Keep it in a cool, dark spot for 2 weeks.
5. After 2 weeks, get rid of the preparation sheets, and close the bottle again.
6. Shake the bottle, at least once a day, so that the ingredients can mix well.
7. Store in a cool, dry spot for another 2 weeks.
8. Filter the olive oil using the gauze.
9. Keep the gauze as tight as possible, so that the oil is completely removed.
10. Store it in a glass container.

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