Unique Dietary Recommendations Based on Your Blood Type

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Eating a diet based on your blood type could help you lose weight faster and get healthier. At least this is what Peter J. D’Adamo, a naturopath, claims as he created a nutritional diet, known as the Blood Type Diet. According to D’Adamo, foods that you eat have a different reaction based on your blood type. Following a specific diet that has been designed for your blood type allows the food to have a better reaction chemically, so your body will be able to digest what you have consumed more efficiently.

When you eat a diet according to your blood type, you can have more energy, have stronger immunity, and lose weight faster. Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo penned the Eat Right 4 Your Type book where he stated that your blood type will reveal your personality as well as the needs of your body. Here are the things he said about what to eat and how to exercise to reach your fitness goals:

Type O

  • Traits: Those with the blood type O, which is known as the original blood type, are focused, energetic, and generally born a leader. D’Adamo believes they are descendants from hunters and gatherers, so they mainly rely on animal protein in order to survive an active lifestyle.
  • What to Eat: You are recommended to eat lean beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, and fish. Take your pick from numerous fish, such as bass, halibut, rainbow trout, sole, and cod. Kelp and seafood are also good for you. You can have salt in moderation, which can help maintain your iodine levels to have good thyroid function.
  • Foods to Avoid: You may have to avoid dairy products and eggs along with gluten, wheat germ and other wheat products. If possible, you should not consume beans and legumes because they can be harmful to your digestion and can leave you tired and promote fluid retention. Cabbage, cauliflower, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, and other cruciferous vegetables should also be avoided because they mess up with your thyroid function.
  • Exercise: As for your workout, you need to exercise regularly in order for you to stay fit. This will also help eliminate stomach problems, along with ulcers. Swim, run, ride the bicycle, do some weight training, and use the treadmill to have a fitter body.

Type A

  • Traits: People with the blood type A are normally calm, responsible, and hardworking. As the O types began to thin out, our predecessors started to depend on agriculture. They expanded their diet into something known as a semi-vegetarian way of eating. It is typical for type As to have enzymes and bacteria that digest plants and grains more effective than other blood types.
  • What to Eat: Since this is the case, if you have this blood type, you should choose fruits, including berries, apples, avocados, plums, figs, and peaches. Veggies are also good for you, so have plenty of broccoli, carrots, and other greens. You can also eat fish and poultry, but try to limit your intake because your blood type has fewer enzymes that can digest meat, especially red meat. For your protein needs, you may have to depend on protein from sources such as nuts, soy, beans, and seeds. Staples of your diet should include grains, proteins and carbs, cereal, pastas, and breads because your body can easily break all of these down.
  • What to Avoid: Type As usually have high cortisol levels, which can lead to disrupted sleep, weight gain, insulin resistance, loss of muscles, and OCD. This is why you should limit your consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. It is very important that you don’t skip your meals, particularly breakfast. It also helps if you avoid stressful elements, including violent movies, loud noise, and overworking.
  • Exercise: For your workout, you may want to try calming routines, such as yoga.
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Type B

  • Traits: Type Bs are individualistic, unconventional, and relaxed. They are said to appear when those with blood type O went to the Himalayas. They mainly domesticate animals and therefore survive by consuming meat and dairy.
  • What to Eat: Relying on lean red meat, which include venison, lamb, and beef, is what a modern type B should eat. If you like chicken, you should start substituting it with turkey. Be sure to incorporate cheese, yogurt, and milk into your diet every day. You should also eat leafy greens and fruits, such as grapes, pineapple, and plums.
  • What to Avoid: You can eat grains, but don’t eat too much. Also you should avoid corn, rue, wheat, and buckwheat because these foods can alter your metabolic process. As much as possible, stay away from peanuts, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds.
  • Exercise: It is important that you maintain balance between your mind and body. You should go for exercises that can challenge both aspects, including martial arts, golf, hiking, cycling, and tennis.

Type AB

  • Traits: Type AB is considered the newest and the rarest. There are only a few people with this blood type, estimated about 5% of the population. ABs come from As and Bs, so this means they have the same traits. If you have this blood type, you can digest a wide variety of foods. Unfortunately, while you may have type B’s ability to digest meat well, you have low stomach acid, thanks to your connection to type A. What happens here is that meat will get stored as fat most of the time.
  • What to Eat: Staples include veggies, turkey, and seafood. You can eat red meat, but do so sparingly. You will also thrive in dairy and if you love eggs, you can have plenty of them since you can process them efficiently. Oftentimes, those with this blood type have a weak immune system. If you are one of them, consume lots of vegetables along with carbohydrates. You can snack on fruits, such as grapes, figs, watermelon, and cherries. Stay away from acidic fruits because you have an alkaline stomach. You can also eat a lot of seafood, including mahi-mahi, salmon, tuna, sardines, and red snapper.
  • What to Avoid: As mentioned, you can consume carbohydrates to strengthen your immune system. However, you should take carbs in moderation. Be sure to avoid buckwheat and corn, since these are difficult to digest for those with AB blood type. Caffeine and alcohol are an absolute no-no, particularly when you’re under stress.
  • Exercise: With A and B as your guides, you need to maintain a balance in your regimen. This means you should have some calming activities and intense physical exercise as well. Have some alone time and be able to visualize. If your work requires you to sit for several hours, make sure you exercise in between breaks to get the energy you need.

Follow these strategies on weight loss and better health based on your blood type. Although there are some critics, the blood type diet mainly aims to serve as a guide for those who want to eat right. Plus, as you can see, there are no processed foods and simple carbs in the list, making it harmless, especially for those who want to lose weight.

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