Trusted Remedies for Natural Treatment of PCOS

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Trusted Remedies for Natural Treatment of PCOSWomen diagnosed with PCOS of polycystic ovarian syndrome are known to produce more male hormones like androgen. This hormone can wreak havoc to a woman’s systems by affecting ovulation, disrupt insulin production, and change cortisol levels to name a few. Excessive amounts of androgen may also increase stress levels, acne development, induce unwanted hair growth, and weight gain. There are medications available to treat the symptoms and manage the condition, however the best way to change a woman’s hormonal biochemistry is by making much-needed dietary changes.

In this article, we provide five trusted home remedies for women suffering from PCOS:

  1. Stabilize blood sugar levels

You can control the intake of sugar simply by adding a dash of cinnamon to meals and snacks. Cinnamon essentially satisfies sudden sugar cravings and even improves glucose and insulin management.

  1. Regular workouts

Simple physical exertion activities such as waking after a meal can significantly improve the transport of glucose to the different cells throughout the body. Ideally, you need to perform short activities instead of long ones to effectively raise cortisol levels.

  1. Stop taking birth control pills
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In essence, birth control pills interrupt the natural hormone production capabilities of the body. When you stop taking pills, the body starts to go back to its normal routine of hormone production. You should also increase the intake of leafy green veggies and magnesium-rich foods once you decide to stop taking birth control pills to aid in the process of going back to normal hormone production.

  1. Stop caffeine intake

Caffeine increases the estrogen levels in the body resulting in more instances of cysts inflammation. A cup of coffee stimulates the body to secrete excessive amounts of cortisol and insulin- both of which can cause the imbalance in the production of other hormones in the body.

  1. Manage hair loss
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Do not forget to eat food items rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and phytosterols, including wheat germ and Brussels sprouts to name a few.


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