Top 8 Cancer Prevention Strategies

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Top 8 Cancer Prevention StrategiesAnyone can get cancer no matter the age, gender, race and financial status. This disease is one of the foremost causes of deaths all over the planet, most especially in developing countries.

Despite of these facts, many cancer-related deaths can be avoided. Experts say that as much as 30% of cancers can be kept at bay simply by having a healthy lifestyle and getting vaccinated against infections that may cause the dreaded disease. Certain types of cancer may be cured if detected and treated very early on.

There are a few things that you may do to considerably lower your chances of battling cancer. Read on to know the top 8 cancer prevention strategies around.


Avoid Cigarette Smoking

Smoking is linked to an assortment of cancers, not just the kind that affects the lungs. Exposure to secondhand smoke or passive smoking also puts you at risk of cancer. If you are not a smoker, never embrace the habit. If you are a smoker, the best time to turn your back on smoking is now.

Have a Healthy Diet

Make sure that your everyday diet involves impressive servings of fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce are loaded with antioxidants that help ward off cancer. It is certainly a wonderful idea to opt for fruits and vegetables that are organic as well as locally grown for your benefit.

Maintain an Ideal Weight

Being overweight is one of the risk factors of cancer. Experts say that packing a lot of body pounds can increase your chances of having cancer of the prostate, lung and kidneys. If currently you are past your ideal weight, try to shed off those unwanted pounds to lower your cancer risk.

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Exercise on a Regular Basis

It is advisable for you to get your dose of exercise on a daily basis. Try to be physically active for at least 30 minutes by walking, jogging, bicycling, playing tennis, swimming, or even dancing or cleaning your home. It is said that regular exercise is very good at warding off breast and colon cancer.

Limit Sun Exposure

Skin cancer is very common and can be easily prevented too. While it’s good to get sufficient amounts of sun, avoid baking under it between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Staying in the shade, applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing and avoiding the use of tanning beds are all sensible moves.

Opt for All-Natural Products

Many beauty and household products on the current market contain carcinogens, which are agents that can cause cancer. It is a great idea for you to shop for lotions, shampoos, make-ups, detergents, air fresheners and others that contain all-natural ingredients only.

Steer Clear of Canned Food

One very simple way of avoiding bisphenol-A (BPA) that is linked to cancer and many other health issues is by staying away from canned food products. BPA is also present in plastic containers. Make sure that you use glass containers when storing or heating food.

Get Protected From Certain Infections

There are some kinds of infections that may actually put you at risk of cancer. For instance, hepatitis B can increase your chances of suffering from liver cancer. Getting HPV may cause cancer of the cervix and other genital cancer types. That is why you should get immunized from these infections.

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