Top 6 Foods to Eat When You Feel Bloated

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Bloating is often caused by the natural processes that occur during digestion. It is also triggered by the production of gas or accumulation of fluid in the body. But sometimes bloating is not always caused by too much gas, but on how the body handles that gas. The good news, is that it can be reduced through some great food choices and some lifestyle changes.

You can try these bloat-blocking foods:

1. Cucumber (Natural diuretic)

If you are already bloated, cucumbers is a great tummy-flattening snack. The low fiber and high water content of these vegetables can cause increased urination, which in turn, makes you feel slimmer.

2. Peppermint Tea (Antispasmodic)

Peppermint tea relaxes smooth muscles in the intestinal tract. This will ease discomfort and help the body release trapped gas in your colon. It also an “anti-pain” channel in the gut that helps in soothing inflammation. For instant relief, sip a peppermint tea to help relax the digestive tract and return to normal muscle contractions.

3. Fennel

Many Indian restaurants offer a small bowl of fennel seeds after a meal. This is because fennel has been used as a digestive aid. It also help to increase digestive enzymes and help things move along your system to correct bloating, reflux and gas. You can eat the seeds, use them for cooking or for brewing tea.

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4. Papaya (Papain)

Raw papaya contains a milky and white substance called papain. If the fruit ripens, it is moderately laxative and helps in the movement of the bowels. You can try using fresh papaya slices in a smoothie.

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5. Yogurt (Probiotic)

To beat the bloat with yogurt, make sure you’re choosing a yogurt that has active cultures. Regularly consumption of yogurt with active cultures increases bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, the good bacteria in the digestive tract. The good bacteria facilitate efficient digestion and prevention of belly bloat. The best sources are non-fat or low-fat and plain yogurt. If you need a bit of sweetness, mix in fresh fruit at home rather than grabbing flavored yogurts.

6. Banana (Potassium)

The caused of your bloating may not always be gas-related. High sodium intake could be the cause. Potassium can help counter the role of sodium’s. Maintaining your overall potassium-sodium level is important for water balance. You can try adding banana slices into your morning oatmeal for some balance or as a snack for the day.

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