Tips on Making Your Hands Look Younger

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Tips on Making Your Hands Look Younger
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Due to all the tasks that you need to carry out with your hands, it’s no wonder why they tend to easily look dry and wrinkly. They will surely make you appear older even though your face is free of fine lines and wrinkles. Taking good care of your hands is of utmost importance especially if you want to maintain your youthful appeal. The following are some easy tips and tricks on making sure that your hands are as young-looking as your face:

Put on a Pair of Latex or Rubber Gloves

Whether you’re gardening or doing the dishes, your hands should always be shielded from anything that can make it look aged. That’s why you should always don a pair of latex gloves. If you have allergy to latex, rubber gloves will also do. Putting on gloves is the simplest way to save your hands from being unnecessarily touched by harsh chemicals.

Defend Your Hands Against the Cold

When the cold days strike, make sure that you prevent your hands from excessive dryness and cracking by putting on wool gloves. Cotton gloves are ideal if you tend to develop skin irritation from wool. Because the skin most especially on the back of your hands is very thin, it needs all the protection it can get from the chilling temperature.

Remember to Moisturize

Your hands are very prone to dryness due to its constant exposure to water, soap, detergent and others with chemicals that tend to sap moisture on your skin. Investing in a high quality hand moisturizer is certainly a great idea. Slathering your hands with it is a great way to lock in moisture and prevent excessive dryness.

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Opt for a Mild Soap for Hand Cleaning

Washing your hands with soap and water helps in warding off diseases and infections. However, this very important act for the maintenance of your good health can also rob your hand of its youthful appeal. It’s a good idea to opt for mild soap that contains very little harsh ingredients to keep your hands from looking old.

Slather Hand Sanitizer with Added Moisturizers

Reaching for a bottle of rubbing alcohol when hand washing isn’t possible is a no-no because it will surely strip off every drop of moisture on the skin of your hands. The perfect way to kill off those microbes if washing your hands is not an option is by applying hand sanitizer with added moisturizing ingredients.

Shield Your Hands From the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

Nothing can make your skin look dry and wrinkly more than the UV rays given off by the sun. If you are spending money on a top-notch day cream that shields your face from UV rays to ward off premature aging signs, you should do the same for your hands. Applying a hand moisturizer with sunscreen is an effective way to keep your hands looking young.

Exfoliate to Remove Dead Skin Cells

The presence of dead skin cells can make your hands look old and lifeless. This is the reason why exfoliating on a regular basis is highly recommended if you want to own a winning pair of hands. Aside from using a hand exfoliating solution, you may also do so by combining olive oil and rock salt or sugar, and gently scrubbing your hands with it.

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