Tips on How to Strengthen Ankles after Injury

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Tips on How to Strengthen Ankles after InjuryAnkle sprains can be a bother but the good news is that as soon as you are comfortable putting weight on them, you can start strengthening them to bear your weight. There are plenty of exercises that can help make your ankles stronger so they will be able to handle all kinds of pressure and movement. One of the easiest ways you can do this is through isometric workouts where push your foot or feet against a steady object.

Isotonic exercises are also recommended if you want to make your ankles stronger. Isotonic workouts are those that workout your ankle’s range of motion against some type of resistance.

Here are some exercises that can help make your ankles stronger.

  1. Stand in front of a couch and then hold your ankle in the downward and in pose against the couch. Hold this pose for 10 counts before releasing. Do the same with the other foot.
  2. Push down on your ankle against a heavy object for 10 counts. Do this exercise 10 times.
  3. Loop a resistance band around your foot with your hands holding the ends. Push down on your ankle as much as you can before releasing to go back to first position. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Switch to the other leg.
  4. Tie your resistance band around a sturdy object then around the outer portion of your ankle. Make your ankle relaxed at the start. Move ankle downwards and in. Go back to the first position then repeat the exercise 10 more times.
  5. Do the alphabet range of motion. You should start this exercise while sitting down. Cross your left leg on top of the right knee with your left ankle extended forward. Using your big toe like a writing instrument, trace the outline of the alphabets on air. Do the same exercise with your other leg.
  6. Another exercise that can help strengthen your ankles is the ankle lifts. As the name suggests, your ankles will be doing some lifting. To do this, tie a rope on both ends of a dumbbell to create a triangle. Sit down on a chair or even a counter and insert your right foot inside the triangle you have made. Using your ankles, lift the weight as many times as you can before switching to the other foot. Do the same number of reps with the other foot.
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There are many benefits to be gained when you have strong ankles such as better movement, better weight support, and low risk of getting sprained or injured. Of course, it pays to be careful when you’re doing any physical activity as this will help minimize your injuries.

The exercises mentioned above should best be done when your ankles are no longer sprained or when they are completely healed. If you’re still nursing a sprain, it would be better to get off the injured ankle to expedite its healing process. This way, you will be able to strengthen your ankles afterward without risking making your sprain or injury worse.

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