Tips for Sticking To One’s Diet

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Tips for Sticking To One’s DietMany people engage in dieting. Some do this primarily for health purposes while some are on a diet to achieve or maintain a good body figure, which also preserves their self-esteem.

Some people think that diets were only for fat people; however, this might not be the actuality, according to Eating-Disorders. As per the publication, about a third of men and women in the Western part of the globe was said to be overweight and twice believed that their weight was more than they should. In fact, a study was conducted by University of Minnesota in 1980 to 1981, which involed people from the town of Minneapolis. The researchers surveyed 2000 people and results revealed that 72 percent of the women who were dieting and 44 percent of the men had never been overweight. Thus, they concluded that women had erroneously believed themselves to be overweight and at least one in two women who were not overweight had tried dieting.

In sticking with one’s diet, a person should know that difference between hunger and craving. According to Psychology Today, hunger was the empty feeling in the stomach when one had not eaten for a few hours. On the other hand, craving was the desire to eat, which could be felt in the mouth or the throat. The publication said that it would be better to just “label” one’s emotions, for instance, hunger, craving, boredom, or tiredness, and put up with them without eating. In fact, one could also list down some activities that may divert one’s attention away from food.

Overeating is a factor that prevents a person from sticking to a diet. Appetite for Health co-founder Julie Upton told Daily Burn that it was the best way to make sure that one did not overeat. Upton added that the goal was not to eat two full meals, but to eat something so that one was not starving by the time she joined friends at the table. Also, preparing the food on one’s own would help her know what she was consuming, from the calories, to fat, and other nutrients.

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Planning is also essential in sticking to one’s diet. According to Divine Caroline, it was advisable to create an eating plan or select a kind of diet that fits one’s lifestyle and food tastes. As per the publication, a person can and should still eat three delicious meals per day, in addition to a couple of snacks, while she was on a diet. The day could be started with a protein-rich breakfast, which helps activate the body;s metabolism and burn calories at a faster rate throughout the day. In addition, consuming protein in the diet, would also give vitality and a sense of fullness in the morning. Some recommendations for breakfast include yogurt, apples, bananas, celery, carrots, peaches, and other fruits. These foods can serve as substitute for sweets as desserts. There are also healthy eating cookbooks with recipes that one would enjoy using as guide in preparing food.

Identifying one’s motivation in diet is another factor in sticking to a diet. According to Zen Habits, one should know her motivation. Having a powerful motivation, such as eating healthy to get healthy, live, and see a 3-year-old child grow up, would be easier for a person to stick to her goals, just like dieting. The publication also mentioned that a huge leap towards achieving a goal was not a must, instead taking gradual steps was advised. For instance, drinking water instead of soda and eating real fruit instead of chips or candy could be a small step towards sticking to a diet.

Achieving a good body figure and overall health could be challenging with dieting. Coupled with exercise, adequate rest, and a great amount of discipline, one will be able to become fit and fab and achieve her health goals.

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