Tips For Asthma Management

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Tips For Asthma ManagementAsthma is a respiratory condition characterized by spasms in the bronchi of the lungs, which causes difficulty of breathing. Regarded as a chronic lung disease, asthma also causes recurring episodes of wheezes or whistling sounds during exhalation.

According to the National heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, asthma does not choose a specific age; however it usually starts during childhood. The publication also mentioned that more than 25 million people in the United were known to have been diagnosed with the condition and seven million of the population had come from the pediatric group.

Aside from wheezes, other common symptoms of asthma include tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, and cough that usually happens either at night or early in the morning.

Former National Board of Directors of the America Lung Association (ALA) chairman and Christiana Care Health System pulmonary/critical care medicine section chief Dr. Albert Rizzo, told Everyday Health that one way to manage asthma is the identification of asthma triggers. He said that allergy testing via blood and skin could help identify things that trigger asthma. According to Rizzo, identifying asthma trigger could be done by keeping a journal where one could jot down related information to an allergic attack, such as one’s location, activities, food and fluid intake, and even the weather linked to the attack. Point out that “prevention is key,” Rizzo suggests that one the triggers had been identified, one could take the steps to prevent exposure.

Asthma can be triggered by intense physical activities; however, exercise still plays a role towards a normal and healthy lifestyle. According to Web MD, activities that encompass short and intermittent periods of physical exertion like gymnastics, baseball, wrestling, and volleyball, were usually well-coped by people who have asthma. But then, walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming, may also be considered by asthma patients. On the other hand, physical activities that engage a person in long periods of exertion, like basketball, running, field hockey, and soccer, may be challenging and may be less well tolerated. The publication added that if the asthma symptoms persist and hinder one from joining activities, he should consult his asthma doctor.

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When it comes to nutrition and asthma, Lenox Hill Hospital internist Dr. Robert Graham told Health that there was actually no specific diet that would eliminate or cure asthma; however, there were things in particular that could be done to aid in asthma management. The publication also mentioned that foods like apples, cantalope, carrots, eggs, shellfish, garlic, and avocados, among others, are beneficial to people with asthma

Aside from identifying the causative factors of asthma, the condition can also be managed by keeping an allergen-free environment, especially for children. According to Kid Spot, nearly every asthmatic child had a high relatability to dust, thus, cleaning the house regularly would help improve the child’s status. In addition, it is important to clear the house of anything that could collect dust, such as paper, carpet, piles of toys, and seasonal apparel like jackets, jumpers, and scarves. If the household has a quality vacuum cleaner that had a HEPA filter, it would help. In addition, family members may also remove their shoes at the front door before they enter the house to leave dust and dirt outside. Moreover, limiting the use cleaning sprays around the house can be replaced by regular dusting with microfiber cloths, since the former could irritate the respiratory tract and trigger and asthma attack.

For the time being, there is no known cure for asthma that even though a person feels fine, he could still have the disease, which can occur at any moment. While the present era has been granted with knowledge and technological advancements to manage and treat the respiratory condition, knowledge and application of the aforementioned tips can also alleviate the condition of asthma patients.

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