This Is Your Body On Olive Oil

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Olive oil is known for its amazing health benefits due to its high antioxidant content. Experts recommends 2-3 tablespoons daily.

Below are the list of health benefits of olive oil and what goes through your body on olive oil:

This Is Your Body On Olive Oil

Blood Pressure

Recent studies indicate that regular consumption of olive oil can help decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


Olive oil contains the phytonutrient, oleocanthal, which copies the effect of ibuprofen in reducing inflammation, that can help decrease the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence. Lignans and squalene are also olive oil components being studied for their possible effects on cancer.


Studies have proven that a diet that rich in olive oil, moderately rich in carbohydrates, low in saturated fats and rich in soluble fiber from fruit, pulses, vegetables and grains is the most effective approach for diabetics. This is because It helps lower bad low-density lipoproteins, while improving blood sugar control and enhances insulin sensitivity.

Heart Disease

Olive oil helps lower the levels of total blood cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol. Also it does not alter the levels of HDL-cholesterol (it may even raise them), which prevents the formation of fatty patches and plays a protective role, thus stimulating the elimination of the low-density lipoproteins.

Oxidative Stress

Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, especially vitamin E, which is known to minimize cancer risk. Olive oil has the highest in monounsaturated fat, among plant oils and it does not oxidize in the body. Also it is low in polyunsaturated fat, the kind that does oxidize.

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Olive oil is known to help reduce levels of obesity, although it is high in calories.

Prevents Wrinkles

Studies have shown that people who consume more than 2 teaspoons of olive oil daily have significantly fewer signs of skin aging, compared to those who ate a teaspoon or less.

Protects Bones

Studies have shown that regular consumption of olive oil can help prevent loss of bone mass.

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