Thicken and Lengthen Your Eyelashes Naturally

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Thicken and Lengthen Your Eyelashes Naturally
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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then it’s a wonderful idea to highlight them with killer eyelashes! Not everyone is born with thick eyelashes that seem to go for miles. If you’re one of them, there’s no need to cry your eyes out. Read on to known some simple tips and tricks on making your eyelashes thicker and longer.

Coat Your Eyelashes with Olive Oil

Just before you pay dreamland a visit at night, spend some time coating your eyelashes with olive oil. This healthy oil is loaded with vitamin E that helps nourish your eyelashes. Olive oil is also packed with antioxidants that help prevent as well as reverse free radical damage. Use an old mascara brush or cotton swab to apply olive oil on your eyelashes.

Leave Aloe Vera Gel on Them Overnight

You may also try covering your eyelashes with the gel found inside an aloe vera leaf. This thick liquid is also teeming with vitamin E that can help make your eyelashes the envy of everyone. Apply the gel before going to bed and rinse off with cold water the following day for eyelashes that can make heads turn towards you.

Massage the Eye Area

In order to promote thicker and longer eyelashes, consider giving your eye area and most especially the eyelids a massage on a regular basis. This will help promote blood flow, providing the follicles of your eyelashes with more nutrients and oxygen. Use olive oil or shea butter when massaging the eye area to also help combat fine lines.

Apply Beaten Egg on Your Eyelashes

Because your eyelashes are made up of protein, it will surely benefit from the application of egg which contains high doses of protein. Simply beat an egg in a bowl and apply some of the frothy liquid on your eyelashes using a cotton swab. Thoroughly wash off with warm water after 15 minutes. Do this thrice per week for amazing eyelashes.

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Cover Them with Antioxidant-Rich Green Tea

Each time you wish to enjoy a cup of your favorite green tea can be considered as an opportunity to make your eyelashes thicker and longer. Antioxidants green tea has plenty of can help promote the growth and thickening of eyelashes. Apply green tea on them using a clean cotton swab. Rinse off with water after about 15 minutes.

Nourish Your Eyelashes with Coconut Milk

So many hair care products contain coconut milk because it’s very good for every strand. That is why applying coconut milk on your eyelashes can make them look stellar. Make your eyelashes shiner, stronger, longer and thicker by conditioning them with coconut milk and rinsing off the lovely-smelling liquid after 10 minutes.

Have a Diet That’s Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a nutrient that’s necessary for healthy hair. Naturally, your eyelashes will also benefit from a diet that contains good amounts of the said nutrient. Some excellent sources of vitamin C are kiwis, berries, citrus fruits and dark green leafy vegetables. Other than making your eyelashes look eye-catching, vitamin C also helps strengthen your immunity.

Always Remove Your Eye Makeup

Last but not the least, remember to get rid of your eye makeup at the end of the day. Otherwise, those eye shadow and mascara of yours might clog up the pores where your eyelash follicles are, causing them to fall off. Always remember to be extra gentle when removing eye makeup!

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