These Fruits Can Help Reduce Heart Attack Risk By 1/3

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Numerous studies have confirm that berries, which includes strawberries and blueberries are considered as super-food. According to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of East Anglia, the women participants could cut their risk of heart attack by 1/3. This is by eating strawberries and blueberries at least three times per week.


This is because both of these berries are filled with dietary flavonoids and anthocyanins, that provide cardiovascular benefits and help keep plaque off arteries. Also berries are filled with flavor and health promoting properties.


According to a study which spans for about 18 years and which started in 1989, they researchers followed almost 100,000 women participants, whose age ranges from 25 to 42, who were asked about their specific diet during the study period.

Just over 400 participants suffered a heart attack during the course of the study. Based on the study, the researchers concluded that women participants who consumed berries regularly, cut their risk of heart attack by one-third. This is compared to the women who consumed berries one time per month or fewer.

The data figures gathered were constant, even after other variables such as exercise, family history, caffeine, body mass and alcohol use were considered. The study also concluded that other flavonoid-rich foods did not reduce the risk of heart attack, the same way that the berries did. This indicates that anthocyanins in the berries played an important role in risk reduction.

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This is what the researchers have to say, their research have proven that even at an early age, eating more of blueberries and strawberries may reduce risk of a heart attack later, as per the head of the Department of Nutrition at Norwich Medical School within the UEA and lead author of Aedín Cassidy.

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Prevention is Still the Best Medicine

The saying that Prevention is the best medicine still applies to this. Making just one simple dietary change, such as eating more foods rich in anthocyanins, including strawberries, grapes, blackberries, blueberries and eggplant, can even keep cardiovascular disease at bay.

Berries are simple to add into a healthy diet and should be eaten at least 3 times a week for best results. You can try some berries on your cereal or in a healthy fruit smoothie. Also remember to buy organic and help support organic farmers.

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