The Right Way to Clean Eating

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Clean eating focuses on choosing nutrient-dense food items rather than ones full of chemicals, preservatives, and added sugars. The trick is to eat food as close to the source as possible and consuming them in their most natural form.

How do you start eating clean?

Read the Labels

Read nutrition labels thoroughly. You may think a food item is healthy but upon closer inspection and reading of nutrition labels, you may found out this is not the case. Avoid buying food items with ingredients that you can’t pronounce. The shorter the number of ingredients, the better. If possible, choose food that don’t require labels at all!

Cut Out Processed Food

Start by reducing your intake of processed food that are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, and genetically modified organisms. Other food items to avoid are those that are high in sugar and use poor-quality oils. Not all processed food items are the enemy, though. Some of them are minimally processed for convenience rather than for alteration. Some are even processed to enhance nutritional value.

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Gravitate Towards a Plant-based Diet

You don’t have to go vegan or even be a vegetarian. Just eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices as these are your best sources of nutrients. The correct amount of vegetables per meal is to fill up half your plate with greens.

Choose Natural Sweeteners

Got a sweet tooth? No problem! You can still be healthy without cutting out on your favorite sweet treats. The secret is portion control. For women the American Heart Associate recommends no more than six teaspoons a day, 9 for men. If you need any more, choose natural sweeteners instead like molasses or honey.

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It’s so easy to be healthier and start eating clean. The first step to this change of lifestyle is of course committing yourself to the cause. If you set your mind to it, making the necessary lifestyle changes won’t be too difficult.

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