The 3 Healthy Habits That Will Keep Obesity at Bay

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Here’s a fact, obesity is not just a cosmetic problem. It is a chronic disease that increases people’s risk to a number of diseases and health issues, like coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

The good news is that obesity can be easily prevented. The key is replacing some unhealthy habits with good ones. Here are three healthy habits that are sure to keep obesity at bay and help you lose weight one pound at a time.

Get Enough Sleep

 An increasing number of research suggests a correlation between obesity and sleep deprivation. Studies found that children and adults who get too little sleep weight heavier than those who get enough sleep. One possible reason this happens is that lack of sleep makes people too tired to exercise or do physical activities, decreasing the calories they burn. Another reason sleep deprivation can increase one’s risk to obesity is that it disrupts the balance of key hormones controlling the appetite. Research shows that lack of sleep may increase people’s appetite and calorie intake because the psychological manifestation of fatigue, hunger and sleep are similar.

 Increase Your Physical Activity

 You don’t have to do an hour-long intense exercise every day to keep unwanted pounds at bay. Minimizing the time you spent watching TV or surfing the web to one hour a day is a good start. Doing so frees up your time for more productive things and activities that allow you to move around and engage more physically.

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Walking your way to the grocery store, spending a few hours in the garden, whipping up your favorite dishes in the kitchen, or starting a new hobby – there are many things you can do to make your daily life active and productive. Any of these activities can help burn off those calories, maintain your muscle tone, improve your circulation, increase your metabolic rate, reduce your stress level and depression, as well as improve your heart and lung function.

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 Satisfy Salt and Sugar Cravings with Healthy Foods

 Are you craving for something salty? Instead of grabbing a pack of potato chips, try nuts and seeds instead. These are high in fiber and good fats, and can make you feel fuller longer.

Do you want something sweet? Satisfy your sweet tooth with dried fruits, blended frozen bananas, grapes, yogurt, fruit salad, flavored tea, sweet corn, or healthy granola bars.

There are hundreds of alternative available out there to satisfy your cravings without adding to your waistline.

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