Study Says That Maple Syrup Can Kill Cancer

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A recent study published in the Oncology Reports journal revealed that maple syrup can help inhibit the growth and further invasion of human colorectal cancer cells. The research is considered to be “provocative” because numerous studies have implicated processed sugars as the cause of chronic disease and other health issues.

Study Says That Maple Syrup Can Kill Cancer


What is even more fascinating is a recent research that suggests that sugar not only feeds cancer cells but it can even induce it. This further proves that sugar has oncogenic properties.

Sugar is present in so many products and the word “sugar” is often used universally, rather than mentioning the actual type of sugar being referred to. But, sugars such as sucrose, glucose and fructose all have very different properties.

Added to this is the fact that foods have gene-modulatory capabilities. Therefore, sugars, in all their diversity, can react in various ways in certain scenarios.


The recent study on maple syrup, which is entitled “Inhibitory effect of maple syrup on the cell growth and invasion of human colorectal cancer cells”, was conducted by Japanese researchers using three types of maple syrup. This is because not even syrup is created equal. The syrups were categorized on colorectal cell (CRC) proliferation, color, migration and invasion.


The results of the research were explained as follows:

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CRC cells that were administered maple syrup dsiplayed significantly lower growth rates, as compared to cells that were administered sucrose. Also, administration of maple syrup to CRC cells resulted to inhibition of cell invasion, while there was no noted effect on cell migration.

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Based on the results, the team of researchers concluded that maple syrup could act as an alternative medicine to traditional cancer treatments, that are considered to be highly toxic.

These findings suggest that maple syrup, in particular, the dark colored ones, might be suitable as phytomedicines. This is because it has fewer adverse effects than the traditional chemotherapy for colorectal cell or CRC treatment.

Since more people are leaning towards a more holistic and natural remedies for cancer, this new finding could give people more options when it comes to treatment.

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