Strangest and Craziest Diet Tips of All Time

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Strangest and Craziest Diet Tips of All TimeDiets come and go. You know why? That’s because none of them actually works. The moment that a particular diet has been debunked, people simply begin to search for the next one.

There is really no secret to shedding off excess pounds effectively. All you have to do is eat a well-balanced meal each time and have your regular dose of exercise. In fact, subscribing to certain diets, in particular the kinds that tell you to eat very little or no food, can make it harder to drop that unwanted weight because it causes the metabolism to slow down.

Let us take a quick look at some of the craziest diets man has come up with throughout history. If you find some of them to be hilarious, go ahead and laugh. Laughing, by the way, allows you to burn up to 1.3 calories a minute. So read on!


Ingesting Tapeworm in Pill Form

When the 20th century struck, tapeworm pills became popular among weight watchers. What’s so great about this diet is you can eat all the food you like and not gain a single weight due to the massive parasites in your intestines. The problem with this is it can cause seizures, dementia and other problems when those tapeworms reach maturity.

Smoking Cigarette Sticks

Many lighted cigarette sticks in order to stave off hunger and attain their dream figure in no time. While this diet may keep you from getting fat, it can leave you suffering from all sorts of maladies. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals that can cause a variety of health conditions, many of them deadly such as lung cancer and heart disease.

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Taking a Special Liquid Protein Elixir

Back in the mid-70s, there came a diet craze that required weight watchers to eat nothing but a special liquid protein. This elixir was made up of a merry mix of all sorts of slaughterhouse by-products with a dash of artificial sweeteners and flavorings. When some people died, the marketing of this liquid protein was put to a halt.

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Sleeping the Day Away

Because it sounds like a fairy tale, you know that it’s far from bringing you realistic results. There was once a so-called Sleeping Beauty diet. Just like what the name suggests, all you have to do is sleep. While it’s true that this diet can keep you from eating any food, it also prevents you from accomplishing anything.

Swallowing Cotton Balls

It is said that some supermodels subscribed to this crazy diet. Ingesting cotton balls filled up their tummies, keeping them from eating anything that contained calories. The problem with this diet is cotton is indigestible and can cause digestive problems. You can get the same effect by eating foods that are high in fiber.

Chewing Everything 100 Times

In the early 90s, there was a man who claimed that he lost 40 pounds simply by following the diet he invented. This diet involved chewing food a hundred times then spitting it out afterwards. Try following this particular diet while you’re in a restaurant and you will surely be asked to leave.

Soaping the Body with a Unique Soap

In the 1930s, the market was flooded with soaps that claimed to zap fat effectively. Yes, they can make you lose weight, but not because of their magical fat-burning ingredients but because of the calories you get to expend as you attempt to wash off fat with them.

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