Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver Spots

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Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver SpotsHaving freckles can make you look cute and even appear fashionable. Some women even add fake freckles to give off a young and vibrant appeal. Although closely related to freckles, no woman would like to be spotted with liver spots. It’s for the fact that the presence of these dark blemishes on the skin is age-related. That’s why they are also known as age spots.

You may bury your liver spots under layers of concealer or makeup. Or you may simply go for an assortment of home remedies for age spots. These DIY solutions may not work in a snap like those anti-age spot products you can readily buy these days. However, they can work wonders even without leaving your pocket empty or irritating your skin with harsh chemicals. Here are some wonderful home remedies for liver spots that you may try:

Aloe Vera Gel or Juice

Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver SpotsFrom burns to rashes, aloe vera is an herbal plant revered for its efficacy in dealing with an assortment of dermatological issues. Applying aloe vera gel on those liver spots helps in improving their appearance after some time. Got no aloe vera plant in your garden? Step foot in the supermarket, grab a bottle of aloe vera juice and daub on problem areas.

Raw Papaya Juice or Mashed Ripe Papaya

Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver SpotsGrating raw papaya allows you to extract papaya juice known for its ability to deal with excess skin pigmentation. Apply raw papaya juice on liver spots and wash it off with water after a few minutes. You may also mash a small slice of ripe papaya using a fork. Place the resulting yellow-orange paste on those trouble spots and rinse after a few minutes.

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Castor Oil

Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver SpotsIt’s possible for liver spots to be slightly raised and possess rough texture at times. If your liver sports are like such, one effective home remedy for them is castor oil. Simply daub it on liver spots twice a day to make the rough texture go away.


Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver SpotsThanks to lactic acid, buttermilk can help in reducing the appearance of liver spots. Simply apply buttermilk on those unflattering blemishes using a cotton ball. Wash off with water after leaving buttermilk there for some time.

Plain Yogurt

Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver SpotsMany people swear by the effectiveness of yogurt in lightening those liver spots. Simply apply a thin layer of plain yogurt on liver spots. Allow it to stay there for a while before washing your face with water. While waiting, consume the rest for a tasty and healthful snack that helps restore normal balance of bacteria in the gut as well as strengthen the immune system.

Cucumber Slices or Juice

Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver SpotsRubbing a thin slice of cucumber on facial areas with liver spots works because cucumber is packed with vitamin C that has a mild bleaching effect. You may also choose to grate a small portion of a medium-sized cucumber in order to extract the juice. Once extracted, apply on problem areas with a cotton ball. Rinse off after a few minutes.

Lemon Juice

Spot-On Home Remedies for Liver SpotsPerhaps lemon juice is the most popular of all home remedies for liver spots due to its efficacy. The acidity of lemon juice helps it in lightening the color of those liver spots. Lemon juice also has vitamin C, a type of antioxidant beneficial most especially for aging skin. Applying lemon juice on liver spots twice a day can help you look your best.

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