Spice Up Your Looks with Paprika

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Spice Up Your Looks with Paprika

Aside from its deep orange-red coloration and ability to make food taste delightful, another wonderful thing about paprika is it can be used in all sorts of ways to make you look more beautiful. Made by grinding air-dried sweet varieties of red peppers, having a bottle of it in the spice rack is like having an all-around beauty solution.

If you like soups, stews and others that are spiced up with paprika, you will surely love the numerous skin and hair benefits that this popular spice can offer. Read on if you’re ready to sizzle!

Paprika Lightens Scars and Liver Spots

Clusters of melanin on your skin can keep you from attaining the perfect complexion. To lighten up those blemishes in a cheap and effective way, daub paprika paste on them. Coming up with this scar- and liver spot-busting solution is as simple as adding a few drops of water to a small amount of paprika. Allow the paste to stay on darkened areas of your skin for a few minutes before rinsing. For faster results, you may use lemon juice instead of water.

The Spice Helps Improve Fine Lines

One of the most noteworthy nutrients in paprika is vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that’s good for the skin. This is the reason why a paste out of the spice and water can help in making fine lines less noticeable. As a bonus, this beauty solution also helps make your complexion glow, giving you a youthful and healthy appearance.

It’s an Excellent Pimple and Acne Fighter

Bugged by pimples and acne? Forget those creams and ointments on the market that not only contain harsh ingredients but also come with steep price tags. Something as simple as the combination of paprika and a few drops of water can be used as an effective blemish fighter. Paprika has antibacterial properties that helps prevent infection and inflammation.

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Paprika Helps Make Spider Veins Go Away

No matter where they are, spider veins are certainly not flattering. The appearance of those red, purple or blue lines that twist and turn on your face or legs can be reduced with the help of paprika. Again, all you have to do is mix paprika and water to come up with a paste. What makes this cheap homemade solution for spider veins work so well is the presence of certain compounds in paprika that help strengthen the blood vessels. Consuming foods with paprika is also good for the said cosmetic problem as it can help improve blood circulation.

It Keeps Hair Thinning at Bay

Losing over 100 strands of hair a day should be a cause of alarm because it may lead to hair loss. Before you rush to the nearest pharmacy to grab an OTC solution for the problem, it’s a great idea to massage paprika paste on your scalp first. The spice is packed with vitamin B6 which is known to help promote hair growth. Paprika is also a good source of iron which helps boost the supply of oxygen to your hair follicles.

The next time you are facing problems such as pimples, fine lines, spider veins and hair loss — all of which can rob you of your confidence and beauty — try heading to the spice rack first before stepping foot inside a pharmacy or the mall.

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