Soaking Your Feet in Tea Can Remove Foot Odor in an Instant!

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Smelly feet are not fun for anyone and even your shoes suffer, but with a little bit of knowledge, dedication and this awesome yet simple foot soak, you can triumph over this unpleasant condition.

Soaking your feet in tea can get rid of your sweaty and smelly feet. It is one of the most popular home treatments.

Soaking Your Feet in Tea Can Remove Foot Odor in an Instant!
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Is Tea an Effective Remedy for Foot Odor?

The process of action when you are soaking your feet in tea is effected by tannins. They compress, dry and shrink the tissue of your feet.

Also, the tannins are known as astringents. These group of elements cause contraction and shrinkage of body tissues and consequently dries up the secretions.

If you are drinking tea you can feel the effect of tannins as this causes a dry mouth feel. Soaking your feet in tea reduces sweating and causes shrinkage of the openings of sweat glands.

How Long Should You Soak Your Feet?

Depending on how sweaty and smelly your feet are, you need to have the tea foot baths for a bit longer. Each bath should take at least 1 hour to be effective. A study was conducted in order to put the remedy to test.

A participant was allowed to soak his feet every day in a bath of black tea. The first thing to observe was that it did not have that much effect.

The dry effect when one used aluminium hydroxide was lacking. Even after even soaking in a bath of tea for about 20 minutes, the feeling did not appear. The feet neither become dry or less sweaty. The study found out that tea baths can help if you have mildly sweaty feet.

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However, other studies have shown that tannins can change the surface of your skin and minimise the openings of sweat ducts, therefore reducing the sweating.

While another study showed that a foot soaked in a warm green tea solution for about 20 minutes daily improves the overall skin symptoms of feet infections and treats smelly and sweaty feet significantly.

Is Tea Soaking the Most Effective Remedy for Foot Odor?

When your feet are extremely smelly and sweaty, you may need to use another strong astringent that is potent. Because it usually takes time to make some litres of tea and also bathe your feet for half an hour or more.

Studies also showed that the higher the concentration of the tea in the solution, the higher the effectiveness and gives much better results.

If you are suffering from mild athlete’s feet infection or smelly feet, a regular feet soaking in a tea may be potent natural cure to mend the situation. But, if it does not work effectively consult your doctor.

Black Tea Foot Soak


5 bags of black tea
4 cups of hot water

1. Pour 4 cups of hot or boiling water into your foot basin.
2. Add 5 bags of black tea.
3. Allow the tea to steep for 10 minutes.
4. Soak your feet for 20 minutes. Do this at least once a day.
5. Dry your feet thoroughly afterwards.

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