Six Workday Workout Tips

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Six Workday Workout TipsExercise is vital to one’s health; however, some people say that they have no time for exercise because they are at the workplace. While the workplace is not the same as the gym or one’s home in terms or working out, there are some workout routines that can be done at the workplace.

Championship bodybuilder Warren Honeycutt has offered personalized fitness training through his program called Get Lean. It features specific workout videos that can be done at the gym, at home, at the office, and even while traveling. Aside from the fitness videos, Get Lean also includes personalized nutritional plans and motivational materials.

Here are Honeycutt’s tips for working out at the office, as per Houston Herald.


The Equipment

Six Workday Workout TipsFirst is getting the right equipment. Honeycutt said that an office workout required basic and portable equipment that someone could easily stack in a drawer or bring from home. Examples of such equipment include a pair of push-up bars, a resistance band, and a padded floor mat.

Push-up bars provide a wide range of motion while training various muscle groups in the chest, back, and arms. They also help execute proper technique and form, as well as prevent having uneasiness in the wrists due to the pressing movement of the hands against the ground.

The resistance band is made up of a rubber tube and there are handles attached on each end. This is effective in training the leg and arm muscles. Since it is light and portable, it can be easily stored in a small drawer inside the desk.

Meanwhile, the padded floor mat can be used for routines that require one to lie down, such as sit-ups and crunches. Also, using a padded mat adds comfort to the back and prevents one’s clothes from becoming filthy.

The Routine

Six Workday Workout TipsSix Workday Workout Tips For the chest, push-ups remain as an efficient body weight exercise to work out chest and arm muscles. For proper execution, the push-up bars should be set slightly more than shoulder width. As they are gripped, the legs should be extended and the body should be elevated so that it is balanced on the toes and the push-up bars. An alternative way is to balance on the knees if it is uneasy to extend the legs and balance on the toes. After that, the body is lowered with the arms folded at the sides and push back up.

An important note in doing push-ups is to breathe in on the way down and breathe out on the way up; this will set a rhythm that will make it easier. In a slow controlled movement, one can do a set of 15 push-ups or more.

To exercise the back, one can use the resistance band even without getting up from the chair. The band is looped once around the feet with the legs outstretched. Then, the handles are grabbed in such a way that the palms face downward and they are pulled upwards and back with the arms in a rowing motion. Aside from the back muscles, the exercise also works out the arm, chest, and abdominal muscles. The set can include ten to 15 repetitions.

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For the shoulder exercise, the principle used is the surprise resistance, which strengthens one’s muscles. The middle of the resistance band is restrained firmly to the ground using the feet. Then, the band is raised over the shoulders using the arms while taking three counts. Then, another three counts are taken while lowering the band. To get the complete benefit of this exercise, the band should not be raised until they are above the head.

Working the arms also requires the resistance band. Similar to the back routine, the band is also wrapped around the feet; but this time, the handles are gripped so that the palms face upward or toward the ceiling. The handles are raised up and back while maintaining the feet flat on the ground. The movement should resemble dumbbell curls as the arms are moved up and back.

For the triceps, the band is looped around the feet. Then the right handle is released and the other end is pulled so that the right handle is pulled to the verge of the sole while lengthening the other side of the band. Then the opposite hand grabs the left handle while raising the arm to form a right angle above the head and the palm facing up. The arm is extended straight upward a few times, switch sides, and repeat if needed.

In exercising the legs, the hands are slipped through the band handles while gripping the sides of the chair. The legs are extended outward with the band wrapped around the feet. The body is balanced by staying parallel to the ground, allowing the legs and abdominal muscles to work. An alternate routine is to wrap the band around one foot and do the exercise on one leg at a time.

Finally, the floor mat is needed for the abdominal muscle exercise, crunches. It is done by lying on the mat face-up with the hands behind the head and the bottom of the feet flat on the ground. Then, the back is raised off the ground just adequate to clench the abdominals and then slowly go back to starting position. The chin should not sink into the chest, as it could lead to neck pains in the long run.

Being fit and fab involves the interplay among exercise, nutrition, and motivation. While the contemporary lifestyle people have today make it hard to improve one’s body figure, simple and fast exercises allow one to achieve a better physique.

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